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Nigeria needs a proper database for planning

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Government should meticulously record and retain data to develop the nation.

Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, who is a successful entrepreneur as well as CEO of Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, has emphasised the crucial need for the Nigerian government to meticulously record and retain comprehensive data in order to effectively strategize and develop the nation as well as its economy. Oguntoyinbo underlines that the absence of a comprehensive and accurate database has consistently impeded progress in Nigeria, asserting that without extensive planning, the country’s growth will inevitably be stunted.

During a conversation with reporters at the Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited New Year celebration in Bullion Park, Ibafo, Ogun State, He expressed his thoughts on the Nigerian government’s approach. He highlighted the ongoing issue of insufficient data, emphasising that successful development, growth, and the welfare of the populace can only materialise with thorough and effective planning. Ajadi indicated that the government has operated in obscurity for an extended period, and this data deficit has contributed to the prevailing gaps in these crucial areas.

Vocational centers should be established across all 774 local governments.

It’s quite astonishing that Nigeria is believed to have a population of about 200 million individuals. However, the vital inquiry that needs to be raised is when the last time a census was conducted in the country. Instead of relying on mere guesswork, it is imperative for Nigeria to establish the specific census that accounted for this 200 million figure. It is illogical and unreliable to continuously depend on guesswork, as it hinders effective governmental planning. Consequently, the government should strive to establish a comprehensive and accurate database for better planning purposes.

Speaking further, he has urged the Federal Government to prioritise the creation of adequately funded and equipped vocational centers across all 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria. This initiative, according to Ajadi, would effectively cater to the educational requirements of individuals who are unable to proceed with their studies beyond secondary school but possess exceptional talents that can be nurtured through artisan training programs. According to Ajadi, if the government implements this advice, it will effectively prevent numerous young individuals from becoming pawns in the hands of criminals and wandering the streets.

Youth participation in the system should be enhanced.

He advocates for the establishment of such Centres in every one of the nation’s Local Government Areas by the Federal Government. The aim is to provide assistance to the numerous young individuals who are unable to pursue further education and find themselves aimlessly wandering the streets. The majority of these youths hold a strong belief in effective governance and possess immense love for their country but lack the means to continue their education. Consequently, they have a desire to receive training in various artisanal skills.

It is crucial for the government to step in and assist young people in order to prevent their participation in criminal activities. One way to achieve this is by establishing training facilities where they can acquire skills and knowledge. Additionally, the government can generate income from these centers by securing contracts from individuals or corporations for furniture and other related services. Moreover, it is advisable for the government to equip graduates from these vocational centers with the necessary tools to establish their own businesses.

Data has seen a great demand across many sectors.

Similarly, Data quality in enterprise systems have gained significant importance due to the growing integration of data processing into business operations. With the rising utilisation of data analytics to guide strategic business choices, organisations are placing a greater emphasis on ensuring the accuracy and reliability. The management of data quality is a fundamental part of the comprehensive process of management, as initiatives aimed at enhancing data quality are frequently interconnected with programs for governance to guarantee a uniform approach to data formatting and utilisation across an entire organisation.

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1 month ago

Nigeria needs a proper database for planning.Government should meticulously record and retain data to develop the nation. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Absolutely! Having a proper database for planning is crucial for the development of Nigeria. It’s essential for the government to meticulously record and retain data in order to make informed decisions and effectively allocate resources. A comprehensive database would provide valuable insights into various aspects of the nation, including demographics, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and more. This data-driven approach can help identify areas of improvement, prioritize development projects, and ensure that resources are allocated where they are most needed. By investing in a robust database system, Nigeria can enhance its planning capabilities and work towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

1 month ago

Oguntoyinbo’s call for a comprehensive database and the establishment of vocational centers resonates with the urgent need for effective planning and youth empowerment in our country. Accurate data is crucial for informed decision-making, and investing in skill development can uplift the younger generation, contributing to both individual growth and national progress.

1 month ago

Planning our database carefully is incredibly important. For the people to know that the government is headed in the right direction, they must also answer to them.Planning in Nigeria requires a suitable database. – For the country to develop, the government should carefully capture and preserve data.Finding areas for improvement, ranking development projects, and more can be facilitated by this data-driven approach.

1 month ago

In order to plan and expand effectively, Nigeria undoubtedly requires a suitable database. Thoroughly recording and archiving data across multiple sectors is crucial for the government. Productivity will increase with a comprehensive and trustworthy database.