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Nigeria-Israel to partner for digital growth

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By Usman Oladimeji

Nigeria gov’t to create one million jobs in the digital economy.

Michael Freeman, Israel Ambassador to Nigeria has expressed his country’s profound commitment to partner with Nigeria in order to bring about the implementation of the policy to create one million employment in the digital economy in Nigeria. Freeman, who is also the Permanent Representative of Israel to ECOWAS made these remarks at a press conference on Thursday in Abuja marking the official inauguration of the third cohort of the Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (I-FAIR).

To accomplish progress through digital technology, he said Israel was thrilled with the plans to collaborate with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, adding to the first two editions of the I-FAIR programme which empower Nigerian youths with the required mentorship and resources they needed to develop their ideas from the theoretical to the practical. The third edition of I-FAIR, he said, has officially begun, and many I-FAIR alums are running successful enterprises alongside their fellow Nigerians, helping to boost the country’s economy.

I-FAIR is meant to aid creation employment in the digital economy.

Since President Tinubu’s inauguration, one of his primary priorities of his inaugural policy has been boosting and strengthening Nigeria’s economy, as stated by Mr. Freeman during the official launch of the third I-FAIR initiative. According to him, the president was quite clear in his appeal for increased local and foreign investment in Nigeria and the creation of one million employment in the digital economy. Israel dominates the global digital economy, and it also leads the world in several other areas of manufacturing investment.

He also noted that the Israeli government plans to take advantage of this turning point by collaborating with President Tinubu’s administration to foster an investment-friendly atmosphere. According to Freeman, the I-FAIR initiative is meant to help with the creation of a million employment opportunities in the digital economy, as well as investment and a new generation of entrepreneurial innovators in Nigeria. He went on to say that the programme would help the economy create more jobs by taking cues from Israel, where the human capital and research and development sectors account for 45 percent of the GDP.

Youth are encouraged to seize the Innov8Hub programme.

The Israeli Ambassador said that I-FAIR was the hallmark programme of Israel’s and Nigeria’s 60 years of diplomatic ties relishing its mission to support and encourage innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Iyinoluwa Aboyaji, Founding Partner of Future Africa, a private organization, also spoke at the event, praising the collaboration between Nigeria and the country for its contribution to the growth of youth innovation in the country. When it comes to commercializing the innovative research and development that emerges from our University, Aboyaji said the partnership between Nigeria and Israel has been particularly productive.

Particularly, the collaboration credibility was demonstrated with the Innov8Hub programme, a space for young and vibrant dreamers trying to navigate their way through the Nigerian innovation and invention ecosystem. According to Aboyaji, the President’s goal of creating one million digital economy employment is crucial, and the assistance and expertise gained through creative partnerships with countries like Israel are crucial to reaching this goal. He went on to encourage young people to seize the Innov8Hub programme with enthusiasm, seeing it as a chance to realise their potential as innovators and skill development.

Successful businesses have sprung from these initiatives.

Through the Nigerian vice president’s office and partnership with Innov8Hub, the Israel embassy in Nigeria initiated the I-FAIR programme aimed to foster innovation, creativity, R&D, and entrepreneurship in the country. Two editions of I-FAIR have come to fruition since the program’s start, with a total of 63 Fellows and 56 products created through the 1,300 hours of mentorship. Successful businesses have sprung from these initiatives, including Thinkbike, Soiless farm labs, QuadloopAfrica, and Eco Circilat Solution. An overview video presentation, website, and nomination call for I-FAIR were the highlights of the occasion.

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