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Nig. signs the Final Act WRC-23 at WRC 2023

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By Mercy Kelani

Focus was placed on the identification of spectrum resources.

The Information Ministry of Oyo proudly introduces an innovative venture, an online radio platform, set to commence broadcasting in the month of January. Nigeria, being an active participant on the global stage, recently marked its presence by officially endorsing the Final Act WRC-23 during the esteemed World Radiocommunications Conference of 2023. The act in question involves pivotal choices taken at the conference, which comprise updated regulations within the Radio Regulations treaty. This treaty is the governing body for worldwide radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbits.

Bosun Tijani, who is the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy signed the agreement. The signing was also attended by prominent individuals such as Aminu Maida and Jane Egerton-Idehen. This signifies the nation’s dedication to technological advancements and improved worldwide connectivity. During the conference, focus was placed on the identification of spectrum resources to support the progress of technology. The emphasis was on ensuring the fair and efficient use of radio resources in space.

Measures to protect mobile service stations for ships and aircraft.

It also has to do with guaranteeing safety measures for activities at sea, in the air, and on land. Significant decisions were made regarding International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), which plays a vital role in expanding broadband connectivity and propelling the advancement of mobile services such as 4G, 5G, and the highly anticipated 6G. The distribution of frequency bands for Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM) for non-geostationary fixed-satellite services is anticipated to bring about a ground-breaking transformation in high-speed broadband offerings across diverse modes of transportation.

Particularly in regions struck by disasters, where the local communication infrastructure may have suffered, this technology plays a crucial role. Measures were implemented to protect mobile service stations for ships and aircraft in international airspace and waters. These measures aimed to prevent any disruption caused by other stations operating within national territories, ultimately guaranteeing uninterrupted communication for these essential services. The nation’s interests have been well represented by a diverse group of seasoned experts hailing from different sectors.

Collaborative endeavour to safeguard Nigeria welfare.

These sectors include the Ministry, NCC, NBC, NigComSat Ltd, NASRDA, NAMA, as well as telecom operators and other professionals from Nigerian telecommunications industry. This united delegation showcases a collaborative endeavour to safeguard Nigeria welfare. Bosun Tijani conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the dedication and selflessness shown by the individuals involved, underscoring the significance of continuous planning and readiness for upcoming events. This will ensure the protection of Nigerian interests by strengthening its abilities and fostering collaboration among all stakeholders.

During a discussion with the delegation of seasoned experts from different sectors, Aminu Maida expressed his appreciation for their collective endeavours, as he emphasized the profound influence of the conference on Nigeria. According to him, the results correspond with the general goals of Nigeria and the Strategic Plan of the Ministry, which focuses on the enhancement of broadband connectivity. The aim of the ministry is to align with the worldwide shift towards 5G and forthcoming 6G technologies.

Influencing the worldwide telecommunications arena.

This act will simultaneously enhance user experience and ensure fair access to all citizens in Nigeria. Maida further expressed how the formulation of global norms for radiocommunications and the conclusions reached during the conference will have a significant influence on the emergence and execution of innovative technologies. The commitment of Nigeria to influencing the worldwide telecommunications arena and securing its people’s welfare through advancements in radiocommunications technologies is well demonstrated by its triumphant involvement in WRC-23.

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2 months ago

Nig. signs the Final Act WRC-23 at WRC 2023.Focus was placed on the identification of spectrum resources.Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s fantastic news that Nigeria has signed the Final Act WRC-23 at WRC 2023! The focus on identifying spectrum resources is crucial for the development and advancement of telecommunications and technology in the country.
Spectrum resources play a vital role in enabling wireless communication services, such as mobile networks, broadband internet, and other wireless technologies. By identifying and effectively managing these resources, Nigeria can ensure efficient and reliable connectivity for its citizens, businesses, and various sectors.
This commitment to spectrum identification demonstrates Nigeria’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering digital innovation. It opens up opportunities for improved access to communication and internet services, which can have far-reaching positive impacts on education, healthcare, commerce, and overall socio-economic development.
I’m excited to see how this focus on spectrum resources will contribute to Nigeria’s digital transformation and enhance connectivity for its people. It’s a step in the right direction towards a more connected and technologically advanced future!

2 months ago

WRC 2023 sees Nig. sign the Final Act WRC-23. – Identifying spectrum resources was the first priority.Spectrum resource identification will be a primary emphasis of the Final Act WRC-23. Furthermore, the government’s implementation of the act should be closely monitored.How concentrating on spectrum resources can help Nigeria’s population have better connectivity and participate in the country’s digital transformation

2 months ago

Nigeria is demonstrating its commitment to being at the forefront of technical breakthroughs and promoting digital innovation through its commitment to spectrum identification.Spectrum resources will enable better connectivity for Nigerians and aid in the country’s digital transformation.prospects for enhanced availability of internet and communication services, which can have numerous beneficial

1 month ago

I’m proud to see our nation actively participating in global technological advancements, as highlighted by the endorsement of the Final Act WRC-23. The commitment to identifying spectrum resources and ensuring fair use in radiocommunications reflects our dedication to progress. The upcoming online radio platform adds to the positive momentum. It’s heartening to witness collaboration across sectors for the welfare of our nation. Kudos to the experts involved in safeguarding Nigeria’s interests on the international stage. This underscores our commitment to influencing the global telecommunications arena and embracing innovative technologies for the benefit of all citizens.