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My favorite TV shows during Christmas

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By Abraham Adekunle

The period is often a good time to binge-watch some favorite TV shows.

In Nigeria, the festive season is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, and one cherished tradition that adds to the merriment is the enjoyment of favourite TV shows. As families gather to celebrate the holidays, the television becomes a focal point for entertainment. Whether it’s the heartwarming Christmas-themed episodes of beloved sitcoms like “The Johnsons” or the special holiday editions of popular dramas like “Tinsel,” Nigerians find joy in sharing these moments of laughter and drama with their loved ones. The end of the year serves as an opportunity for relaxation and bonding, and watching favourite TV shows becomes a shared experience that enhances the festive spirit. As the country embraces the spirit of togetherness, the tradition of enjoying the occasion through the lens of television adds an extra layer of warmth and enjoyment to the holiday festivities in Nigeria.

During the holiday, some of my favourite TV shows in Nigeria go beyond the traditional festive themes. While shows like “Superstory” and “Papa Ajasco” often include special Christmas episodes that add a touch of holiday cheer, I find that the appeal of these series extends beyond seasonal festivities. Ndani TV’s “Ratings” offers a unique blend of entertainment that may not necessarily revolve around Christmas but adds to the overall festive flavour with its engaging content. Additionally, the English Premier League, though not a traditional TV show, becomes an integral part of my holiday experience. Watching football matches during the festive period has become a ritual, creating an exciting atmosphere that complements the joy of the season. These diverse choices in programming contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable celebration, where both the familiar and unexpected elements come together to create lasting memories.

A life of strife and sorrow in Superstory episodes.

Superstory, a popular Nigerian TV drama series, has established itself as a household favourite with its compelling storytelling and diverse characters since the early 2000s. The show often treats its audience to special episodes that capture the essence of the holidays. These Christmas-themed episodes delve into festive narratives, incorporating the spirit of joy, love, and togetherness into the intricate plots. The characters, already beloved by viewers, navigate through holiday adventures, bringing laughter and warmth to the audience. Whether it’s exploring themes of family reunions, acts of kindness, or the magic of the season, Superstory manages to weave Christmas seamlessly into its engaging storylines. The show’s ability to infuse the holiday spirit into its episodes not only resonates with fans but also contributes to the joyous atmosphere.

Created by Wale Adenuga Productions, the show is known for its engaging storytelling, diverse characters, and the exploration of various social issues. It typically features episodic story arcs, each focusing on a different theme or subject. The series covers a wide range of topics, including family dynamics, societal challenges, relationships, and moral lessons. It often incorporates elements of suspense and drama to keep viewers hooked on the unfolding narratives. The show has gained a substantial following in Nigeria and beyond, and it has contributed significantly to the landscape of Nigerian television drama. Superstory’s format allows it to address relevant issues in an entertaining and accessible manner, making it appealing to a diverse audience. But one cannot but relish in its signature soundtrack: “This is superstory, a life of strife and sorrow…”

What is Christmas without “This Life” and “Tinsel”?

Next, “This Life” holds a special place among my favourite shows, bringing a unique and nostalgic charm to the holiday season. The series, with its compelling narratives and relatable characters, has become a cherished tradition during the festive period. As I gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas, the show’s exploration of societal issues and family dynamics adds depth to the holiday experience. The memorable characters of the Ekpo and Lawson families, facing challenges and triumphs, resonate with the spirit of togetherness and resilience that defines the season. “This Life” not only serves as entertainment but also sparks conversations and reflections, making it a meaningful part of my Christmas celebrations and a reminder of the enduring impact of Nigerian television on cultural traditions.

Also, “Tinsel” stands out as one of my favourite TV shows, providing a perfect blend of drama, intrigue, and festive charm. The long-running Nigerian soap opera has become a staple in my holiday celebrations, with its compelling storylines and well-developed characters. During this time, “Tinsel” often presents special episodes that resonate with the themes of love, family, and the magic of the holidays. The show’s portrayal of the intricacies of relationships and the celebration of Christmas traditions within the context of its dramatic narrative adds a unique layer to the festive atmosphere. Whether it’s the iconic characters like Angela Dede and Soji Bankole or the twists and turns in the plot, “Tinsel” contributes to the warmth and joy of the season, making it a cherished part of my Christmastime TV lineup.

Papa Ajasco brings that nostalgic feeling of childhood.

Finally, in addition to the English Premier League, “Papa Ajasco” has a special place on the list, infusing the holiday season with its unique brand of humour and timeless entertainment. The sitcom, known for its witty storytelling and memorable characters, adds a festive touch to my celebrations. Whether it’s the comical escapades of Papa Ajasco himself, the endearing characters like Miss Pepeiye, or the humorous take on everyday situations, the show never fails to bring a nostalgic feeling, one that contains a full package of the show’s experience during childhood. The Christmas episodes of “Papa Ajasco” are eagerly anticipated, featuring holiday-themed plots that capture the spirit of the season. As I gather with loved ones during Christmas, the antics and laughter brought by “Papa Ajasco” become an integral part of the festive atmosphere, creating lasting memories and enhancing the joyous spirit of the holidays.


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