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Military neutralize 86 terrorists, arrest 101

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By Mercy Kelani

A significant number of 60 illicit refineries were demolished within Delta area.

In a statement released on January 11, 2024, Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters (DHQ) announced that a total of 86 terrorists have been eradicated by the nation’s troops in multiple operational regions throughout Nigeria. According to reports, a total of 101 rebels were taken into custody, accompanied by the arrest of 36 individuals involved in illegal oil bunkering. Additionally, a significant number of 60 illicit refineries were demolished within the Niger Delta area. In the year 2024, the military high command made a solemn declaration, expressing their unwavering determination to relentlessly pursue and capture terrorists irrespective of their concealed locations.

At the Defence Headquarters in Abuja, Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations (DDMO), disclosed during a media briefing that a robust deployment of military forces led to the demise of 86 terrorists in a span of seven days. He announced triumphantly that through their diligent efforts, they successfully eliminated 86 terrorists and apprehended 101 individuals involved in their activities. Additionally, the troops successfully apprehended 30 criminals engaged in oil theft and valiantly rescued 21 innocent hostages who had been kidnapped.

Their persistent and resolute mission remains unwavering.

Members of the SS successfully intercepted and prevented oil thieves from acquiring a staggering amount of ₦736,115,470 through their vigilant efforts. His statement highlighted that the ultimate objective of military campaigns continued to revolve around locating and rendering ineffective rebellious forces within their fortified regions. Their persistent and resolute mission remains unwavering and transparent, as they venture into the fresh dawn of 2024. Their objective is to identify and eradicate any trace of the terrorist presence, regardless of their elusive hiding spots, to guarantee their permanent downfall. He expressed his belief that by doing so, the terrorist’s capacity to instill fear or cause harm to citizens throughout the nation would be effectively eliminated.

According to their objective, he expressed that over the past week, the military has directed its attention towards launching aerial assaults on the hideouts of terrorists. Additionally, substantial military force has been applied to regions where the terrorists have been found to be hiding. Additionally, as per his statements, it was announced that in addition to these findings, the military personnel had successfully confiscated a total of 111 varied weapons and 1,124 assorted ammunition.

Troops also managed to seize a collection of 108 cooking ovens.

The detailed inventory goes as follows: a total of 65 AK-47 rifles, one HK G3 firearm, one G3 rifle, eight locally produced guns, 15 dane guns, two fabricated rifles, one homemade pistol, one English-produced pistol, one pump action firearm, two automatic pump action firearms, and two single barrel firearms. Another list comprises: 14 sets of 7.62mm NATO bullets, 993 sets of specialized 7.62mm ammunition, 5 sets of 7.62mm x 39mm ammunition, a total of 99 live cartridges, one bullet of 9mm ammunition, one shotgun cartridge, two bandoliers, two homemade swords, 13 ammo magazines, five vehicles, 29 motorcycles, six bicycles, mobile phones, and lastly one GTA radio, together with various other belongings.

Reports from Buba indicate that extensive operations conducted by the military forces in the Niger Delta region led to the identification and annihilation of an astounding number of 37 dugout pits, 65 boats, 71 storage tanks, and 14 vehicles. In addition, the troops also managed to seize a collection of 108 cooking ovens, 4 pump machines, one speedboat, and successfully dismantle 60 locations engaged in illicit refining activities. The soldiers successfully seized a total of 1,013,530 liters of pilfered crude oil, along with 299,169 liters of unlawfully processed AGO and 3,158 liters of DPK.

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It is evident based on their actions that they are actively pursuing and targeting the leaders and high-ranking members of the terrorist group. Without a doubt, every level of their hierarchy, from the highest leadership to the lowest commanders, will face dire consequences and they will persist relentlessly until they meet their demise or submit to the military. In an assertion of their dedication, the military has showcased unwavering commitment through its decisive actions in the pursuit of victory over this war. Consequently, the troops shall persist in operating with unparalleled might and determination to accomplish the mission at hand, as stated by the official.

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1 month ago

Military neutralize 86 terrorists, arrest 101.A significant number of 60 illicit refineries were demolished within Delta area. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The military apprehends 101 terrorists and neutralizes 86. The Delta region saw the demolition of a sizable sixty illegal refineries. In the battle against oil bunkering, that is a positive step. In order to avoid the wrath of the law, all of the people participating in these illegal refineries must be brought to justice.

1 month ago

In several operational zones around Nigeria, the nation’s soldiers have eliminated 86 terrorists. Reports state that 36 people who were engaged in illicit oil bunkering were also arrested, in addition to the 101 insurgents who were brought into prison. 86 terrorists were killed in seven days as a result of the military’s heavy deployment.

1 month ago

It’s reassuring to hear about the military’s success in neutralizing terrorists and addressing illegal activities in the Niger Delta. The commitment to tackling security challenges is commendable, and the decisive actions taken against terrorists and illegal oil operations are crucial for national safety and stability. It’s a testament to the military’s dedication in ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

That’s really impressive! It’s great to hear that the military was able to neutralize 86 terrorists and arrest 101 individuals. Their efforts in combating terrorism are commendable and contribute to the overall security and stability of the region. Additionally, the demolition of 60 illicit refineries within the Delta area is a positive step towards curbing illegal activities and protecting the environment. It’s important to continue these operations to ensure the safety and well-being of the people and the preservation of natural resources. Kudos to the military for their dedication and commitment to maintaining peace and order in the country!