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Kuje Prison invaded by alleged bandits

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By Timothy Akintola

Nigeria’s security system continues to fall apart, as suspects invade prison.

Nigeria received yet another piece of shocking news that further reinforced the lackadaisical state of its Security status quo, as in known gunmen breached the Kuje custodial facility, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja in the late hours of Tuesday, where numerous inmates were allegedly freed. This premeditated attack which allegedly saw to the death of an officer and four inmates has been connected to the same perpetrators as the Kaduna train attack. Umar Abubakar, Spokesman of the Nigerian Correctional Services noted that while over 400 escapees have been recaptured, over 430 still roam freely.

This invasion on the correctional facility came closely after the convoy of President Bihari’s advanced security team, ahead of his journey to Daura, his hometown, for the Salah celebration. Mr. Chuckwuemeka Michael, an eyewitness who lives behind the correctional facility noted that right before the attack, numerous unknown men were well positioned in different sections around the prison. He also stated that the attackers possessed high-level explosives and guns that aided their invasion, as well as the fact that the attack lasted for over two hours.

President expressed disappointment at the failed security intelligence.

Stopping by at the prison to evaluate the extent of damage caused by this attack, President Buhari has since expressed his immense disappointment at the lackadaisical security intelligence of the custodial center. He blatantly stated his displeasure at the incapacitation of the prison’s intelligence system at efficiently containing the attack on the security installation, reeling out queries that illustrates the extent of the security’s complacency and further demanding a comprehensive report of the attack.

It was reported to the President in a briefing about this occurrence by Dr. Shuaib Mohammed, the minister for interior and the general of the Nigerian correctional services, Haliru Nababa, who asserted that all the cells that held arrested Boko Haram terrorists were breached with all 64 convicted members on the run. He further showed the president the damaged section used in accessing the prison, as well as other damages. In the statement made by Garba Shehu, special assistant and stated publicly that over 300 escapees have been recaptured.

The government must continue its work towards achieving a better Nigeria.

Bashir Magashi, the Minister of Defense claimed that the attack which was coordinated, started at about 10:30 pm. However, for the 64 Boko Haram escapees they were all documented and this will help in their retrieval. Evaluating this horror, he asserted that the Kuje prison accommodated over 900 inmates, with allegedly 600 on the run. He also reassured the public that everything was under control and that the convicted escapees would be reprimanded as soon as possible.

While on route to Dakar, the President was advised of the attack at the prison and responded to the criticisms of the citizens as to why he hasn’t cancelled his trip, stating that regardless of the terrorist threats that the country faces, the government must continue its works towards achieving a better Nigeria; economically, socially and politically. Abubakar Umar, the Service Public Relations Officer revealed that during the course of this attack, one personnel of the National Security and Civil Defense Corps was killed, with three more having been severely injured.

Recurring attacks indicates the ineffectiveness of the APC government.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) meanwhile condemned the ruling government for its complacency towards the security crisis that has ravaged the country over the course of their tenure. The opposing political party noted that the recurring attacks on the president’s convoy and the correctional facility which project the undertones of collapse of the security system were clear indications of the ineffectiveness of the Buhari-led APC government in ensuring the safety of the lives and properties of the citizens.


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