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InnovateAI event showcases AI path in Nigeria

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By Usman Oladimeji

Various AI innovation and it’s potential was highlighted at the event.

The InnovateAI Conference, organized by AI in Nigeria and held in Lagos on 23-24 February, brought together top industry experts and innovators for an exciting event, with a focus on the theme “Adapting AI for Nigeria: Creating Intelligent Solutions for a Unique Landscape”. Discussion ensued on various topics surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), examining its impact on global industries and looking towards its potential future in Nigeria. Ehia Erhaboh, the Co-Covener of the InnovateAI Conference, kicked off the two-days event with an inspiring opening speech, introducing attendees to the exciting possibilities of AI in Nigeria.

Industry pioneers delivered keynote speeches that inspired the discussions. Sterling Bank’s CEO, Abubakar Suleiman, highlighted the significance of changing perspectives on AI and how it can drive growth and development in different sectors. He encouraged Nigerians to see AI as a means for co-operation instead of rivalry. Rodger Werkhoven’s keynote address at the conference stole the show, captivating the audience with his revolutionary AI model called Sora, which transforms text-to-video. During his speech, Werkhoven delved into his partnership with OpenAI and discussed the creation of cutting-edge AI technologies.

Discussion delved into the developments in Nigeria’s AI sector.

Werkhoven demonstrated Sora’s capacity to create engaging video content with just a few prompts, highlighting the vast opportunities AI offers in creative fields. Following that, the conference featured presentations from entrepreneurs and trailblazers who shared their strategies for using AI to tackle issues in manufacturing, business evolution, and credit risk analysis. Dr. Phil Ogun, a seasoned Robotics and Autonomous Systems Engineer and the founder of Innotelligent Technologies, shed light on his fascinating exploration of Deep Learning . When it comes to AI in Business Transformation & Operational Excellence, Kehinde Olateru, Co-Founder/CEO of Zero Complex AI, elucidated on the utilization of AI principles and practices to enhance client workflows.

Mojirayo Folarin-Lawal, VP of Partnerships & Integrations at Pastel Africa, showcased a groundbreaking product called Sigma by Pastel. She highlighted Sigma’s ability to uncover fraudulent activities, spot forged bank documents, and tackle issues related to credit risk and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). The panel session discussion delved into the present and upcoming developments in Nigeria’s AI sector. Main focus of the conversations was on the potential for implementing AI in different industries and how start-ups, corporations, and government entities play a key role in fostering creativity.

Stakeholders have the opportunity to speed up AI integration.

During his speech, Hon. Adedeji Olajide, the head of the House Committee on ICT and Cyber Security, highlighted the economic opportunities that artificial intelligence could bring to Nigeria. He discussed various government programs aimed at fostering AI growth and encouraged collaboration between stakeholders and policymakers to influence the direction of AI in the country. At the InnovateAI Conference, stakeholders came together to share ideas, discuss potential partnerships, and strategize on how to maximize AI’s impact on Nigeria’s social and economic progress. The event was filled with enthusiasm as attendees imagined a future where AI advancements revolutionize various sectors, opening doors to new possibilities and solutions for enduring issues.

At the event, a prominent theme that arose was the essential role of collaboration and knowledge sharing in unleashing the full capabilities of AI in Nigeria. Leaders in various industries highlighted the significance of creating a robust environment that promotes collaboration among the government, academic institutions, and businesses. By combining resources and knowledge, stakeholders have the opportunity to speed up the integration of AI, stimulate entrepreneurial activities, and position Nigeria as a leader in AI innovation across Africa. Furthermore, the discussions delved into the moral considerations surrounding the implementation of AI and the significance of maintaining ethical AI policies.

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There is a rising awareness of the importance of addressing issues such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and AI ethics as artificial intelligence progresses. Rodger Werkhoven emphasized the necessity of establishing ethical and regulatory guidelines to guarantee responsible and fair deployment of AI technologies during his keynote speech. At the event, new businesses demonstrated their cutting-edge AI solutions, while existing companies revealed collaborations and financial backing focused on advancing AI-driven changes in various industries. These advancements highlighted the increasing enthusiasm and funding for AI technology in Nigeria’s dynamic innovation environment.

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