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Artificial Intelligence & its rapid growth

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By Mercy Kelani

As advantageous as AI is, it has various disadvantages in market and society.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world in a way that, prior to this moment, is unfathomable. Some of AI’s effectiveness in our regular activities includes self-driving cars, voice assistance, smart home technologies and others. This advanced Technology promotes Innovation, improves new opportunities and enhances proficiency and Productivity. AI-powered automation is responsible for the Manufacturing sector as well as the healthcare system. It further serves as the cognitive faculty for the people on how to combine information, process data and learn to execute.

The effectiveness of AI has migrated from the level of consumer’s usage to the peak of remolding the economic system influencing the life style of the people. It possesses the ability to rebuild the communication of man. Consequently, the advanced technology has grown with the same pace with technology in the society. However, it has various disadvantages which are labour inactivity in the market, exposure to Security theft and danger, societal uproars, and creation of weaknesses and dependency.

Activeness of the technology depends on operation by people.

Also, cyber danger and Insecurity of personal safety and secrecy have caused non-reliability in the intelligence which calls for its evaluation. A statement from the Chief Executive Officer of Open AI and the consumer-facing artificial intelligence application" target="_blank">ChatGPT, Sam Altman, disclosed his opinion on how AI has great influence on civilization. He further admonished Lagosians to be accustomed with the advanced technology to avoid negativity of it at the meeting of tech community in Lagos.

At the meeting, he emphasized that AI can only be active when it is operated by the people. This is to dissolve the allegation of AI replacing the workers, and working as the face of the Economy. Altman stated the distinctive language used by the technology – OpenAI, ChatGPT – which works with acquiring and learning new information. Importantly, OpenAI projected to release ChatGPT in November so as to aid communication with more efficiency in an engaging medium.

Creation of job opportunities by AI is certain.

Senior Programme Manager at Microsoft, Oladipupo Bolaji, in his opinion, stated that the creation and application of AI technology requires avoidance of unhealthy results but can be prospectively beneficiary to society with proper management. He restated the symbiotic relationship between man and the technology which can either be disastrous or beneficiary. Significantly, OpenAI’s Chatbot technology is encouraging people in operation and usage of the technology which will foster its efficiency and productivity in many aspects.

In Bolaji’s statement, he highlighted that the invention of AI will create job opportunities owing to the efficiency of the technology which reduces the workload of man, but he reaffirmed the importance of safety precautions which will effectively curb the negative operation of the technology. He further stressed the gravity of the language mode of AI which is faster than data base in cognitive tools, but its likelihood to wipe-out job opportunity is not inevitable.

Implemented technology improves creativity & solves rising demand.

Additionally, he stated that humans should employ technology as an instrument as creativity has no limit and there is rising demand for new things which gives room for new job opportunities that previously were unimaginable. He added that the usage of AI is to conform to the modernized society where technology is required for infinite creativity and opening opportunities for more jobs which are unprecedented. Nevertheless, the creation of this technology must be checked from the positive and negative sides to aid the society during Unemployment. He concluded that the proper usage of AI will determine the future of humans.


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