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Global players short change advertising sector

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By Usman Oladimeji

Foreign advertising operators were not delivering expected benefits.

Speaking during the Dentsu 2024 Regional Africa Summit themed: NOW, Lekan Fadolapo, the director-general of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), expressed concerns about global advertising players short changing the industry in the country. He stated that despite Nigeria’s large population and GDP, foreign advertising practitioners were not delivering the expected benefits to the nation and its people. Mr. Fadolapo stressed the importance of foreign advertising professionals integrating Nigerian culture into their campaigns in order to effectively reach the local market.

Mr. Fadolapo said incorporating indigenous talent and cultural values in advertising campaigns as a way to boost employment opportunities in the industry, benefiting not only individuals but the entire nation. He further suggested that voice over artists, models/modelling agencies, and other industry participants should make use of local creative resources to generate jobs for the local population. With its booming population and increasing GDP, Nigeria should be reaping the greatest rewards and advantages from advertising.

Incorporating local elements into the global market is crucial.

On the other hand, the advertising industry frequently turns to foreign agencies for the creation of advertisements rather than supporting local operators. These international companies outsource production abroad, boosting the economies of other countries before bringing the content back for publication in domestic media outlets. He noted that it is highly important to incorporate local elements into the global market. Mr. Fadolapo reaffirmed the government’s dedication to protecting Nigerian culture and enhancing the utilization of local talents in advertising, marketing, and communication industries through ARCON.

He said there is also the need for strict regulations and strict adherence to guidelines within the advertising and marketing communications sector. Mr. Fadolapo highlighted the significance of proper engagement, credit policies, and disengagement protocols in advertising practices. According to him, ARCON will guarantee that all ads targeted at the Nigerian market comply with honest, decent, truthful, respectful, legal, and culturally sensitive standards. During his opening speech, Emeka Chris Okeke, the CEO of Media Fuse-Dentsu Nigeria, mentioned that the conference aligns with the company’s milestone celebration of 10 years in operation.

Dentsu Africa is committed to innovation and integrity.

According to him, the theme of the event; NOW, was selected for the summit as it highlights Dentsu’s strong dedication to influencing the future of marketing communications in Africa. He pointed out that we are currently in a crucial moment where technology is advancing rapidly, audiences are becoming more varied, and the global marketing industry is experiencing a significant change. “We, at Dentsu Africa, recognize the intricacies and subtleties of the Sub-Saharan African market”, he added. Our unwavering dedication to the area is rooted in our profound knowledge of the various cultures, consumer choices, and media environment within the region.

Okeke noted that the success of Nigeria in providing unique marketing solutions lies in their ability to blend international connections and skills with a deep understanding of local markets. He mentioned that the company is not only celebrating its achievements but also looking towards the future with optimism by investing in staff, technology, and data to revolutionize customer and brand interactions. He said the company will uphold their commitment to innovation, integrity, and putting the client first while also maintaining a strong emphasis on ethical conduct and responsible marketing strategies.

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The annual summit organized by Dentsu Africa aims to unite industry leaders for collaboration and success, as stated by Dawn Rowlands, CEO of Dentsu Africa. She highlighted the company’s focus on exploring opportunities in the gaming and creative industries in Africa to drive growth and innovation. Rowlands encouraged Nigerians to embrace their abilities and accomplishments, emphasizing the abundance of potential within the country and its people. Among the attendees at the summit were top experts in integrated marketing communications hailing from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with representatives from notable companies such as Google, TikTok, and Meta in attendance.

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