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Govt. to tackle social vices in institutions

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By Mercy Kelani

Campaign against Drug abuse, cultism, cybercrime, and sexual harassment.

On March 14, 2024, a special committee established by the federal government will focus on eliminating social issues within secondary schools and universities across the nation. General Suleiman Kazure (Rtd), former Director General of NYSC and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Nigerian Army University, leads The Special Committee on Campaign against Social Vices in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions to tackle the rising issue of social vices in educational institutions nationwide. The committee established by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Students Engagement has a clear mission: to tackle social issues among Nigerian students using a cohesive strategy.

Their goal is to educate, instil positive values, and offer assistance to students, with the ultimate aim of nurturing a morally upright, accountable, and prosperous generation of young Nigerians. Drug abuse, cultism, cybercrime, sexual harassment, and academic dishonesty are all examples of these negative behaviours. Dr. Yusuf Sununu, a Minister in charge of Education, expressed gratitude to Sunday Asefon, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Students Engagement, for bravely taking on the task of tackling social issues in the country’s universities. The committee was officially launched in Abuja.

Tertiary institutions exist as a part of society.

He believes that the timing of this Special Committee couldn’t be more perfect, given the current prevalence of social media abuse and information overload. He expressed his appreciation to The Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President for their efforts in alignment with the current government’s Renewed Hope Agenda. The collaboration between the Office and the Ministry in tackling social issues in higher education institutions is also deserving of praise. Tertiary institutions exist as a part of society, which is undeniable. Lately, there has been a rise in disciplinary issues within these institutions, causing concern for all.

The government is committed to improving the education sector in Nigeria and will continue its efforts to address this issue. If the issue of social vices in tertiary institutions is not addressed, the Government’s plans and efforts will remain ineffective. Major General Suleiman Kazure (Rtd), Chairman of the committee, expressed gratitude on behalf of the members for being entrusted by the federal government to tackle social issues in secondary schools and colleges. He promised to guide the committee with sincerity and openness, emphasizing the need to recognize the multifaceted nature of these matters and communicate openly with various stakeholders, including students and members of the university community.

Negative behaviours negatively impact the atmosphere in these institutions.

In a statement, General Suleiman Kazure expressed gratitude for the prestigious position as chair of the committee. He recognized and thanked the distinguished individuals and loyal citizens who have joined him in this important national endeavour to support Nigerian students, who represent the future of the country. It is crucial to recognize that without genuine dedication, perseverance, shared accountability, and a firm commitment to combat the increasing social problems within the schools, the country will see a continued decline in moral standards and values in the educational institutions and, consequently, in the country.

Hon. Comr. Sunday Asefon’s innovative idea was instrumental in the establishment of this crucial committee by President Tinubu, aiming to tackle issues within Nigeria’s educational institutions. The country should acknowledge and commend Asefon’s boldness and dedication in bringing this initiative to life. Comrade Sunday Asefon, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Students Engagement, expressed concern about the prevalence of social issues in both secondary and tertiary educational institutions. He emphasized how these negative behaviours negatively impact the overall atmosphere in these institutions and impede the growth and potential of the next generation of leaders.

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President Bola Tinubu is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of Nigerian students, as he clearly stated during his explanation. He emphasized to the committee members the importance of their responsibility, stating: Your task is to create and execute awareness initiatives that educate students on social vices and encourage positive values. His assignment for them was to work together with colleges and universities in order to enhance security protocols and establish a supportive atmosphere that encourages both academic achievement and individual development.

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