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FG to tackle issues hindering police capacity

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By Okunloye Abiodun

NPF will fulfill its duty of safeguarding the lives and belongings of citizens.

Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, the Minister of State for Police Affairs, emphasised the unwavering dedication of the federal government to addressing the complex challenges that impede the Nigerian Police Force efficacy. These remarks were made during a citizens’ town hall meeting held in Lagos State with the intention of fortifying the nation’s law enforcement. She observed that the administration, with a strong inclination towards the future, was dedicated to substantial changes. These changes would be supported by a comprehensive action plan and creative approaches to gathering and distributing resources, which had been major hindrances in prior attempts at reform.

The vision is to foster the development of an exceptional police force capable of exhibiting inclusivity, intelligence, technological prowess, community engagement, and a profound understanding of its constitutional obligations. With resolute confidence, she affirmed her belief in the capability of policing to fulfil its duty of safeguarding the lives and belongings of Nigerian citizens. The minister highlighted that the establishment of the town hall represented an important change in the Federal Government’s policing approach, demonstrating their dedication to enacting the community policing strategy outlined in the Police Act 2020.

Security should be designed in line with the nature of every community.

According to her, the idea of security lies within the localities, and thus, Nigerians ought to recognise and accept the distinctive nature of every community in their efforts to establish a safer nation. She conveyed that this particular gathering marked the beginning of a comprehensive sequence of interactions throughout the country aimed at enlightening the grassroots about security dynamics while promoting tailored solutions for each community. The minister stressed that in order to ensure effective local security measures, it is crucial to design interventions according to the unique characteristics and needs of each community and block while actively involving all its members.

In addition, She explained that different communities face various security issues. One problem arises from the large number of foreigners coming in. Another challenge arises due to the fast urbanisation process. Additionally, some communities face insecurity due to resource control and their reliance on agriculture as a means of livelihood. The minister also highlighted six key pillars that have been carefully designed to reform and enhance the National Police Force, serving as vital frameworks. She said the first is the focus on achieving technical and operational excellence. This entails implementing advanced technology and improving operational procedures to enhance the skills and competencies of police personnel.

A strong policy structure supports the law enforcement system.

She emphasised the importance of enhancing the air and marine capacities of the Nigeria Police Force, with the aim of augmenting its overall operational efficiency. She highlighted the need for a comprehensive strategy that encompasses standardisation, modernisation, and reinforcement of the physical infrastructure of the police force. This strategy entails upgrading facilities and establishing command centres, all geared towards boosting the effectiveness of police operations. She also emphasised the need to prioritise the welfare of officers through the implementation of extensive support systems and healthcare measures.

Also, the minister further stressed the importance of developing a strong policy structure that can efficiently support the entirety of the law enforcement system. Additionally, he emphasised the urgency of launching an impactful marketing campaign to improve the public’s perception of the Force. Regarding community collaboration and public trust, she emphasised the significance of establishing mutually beneficial partnerships within the community to encourage citizen involvement and reinforce public confidence. The aim is to establish a solid foundation for the NPF, with pillars encompassing transparency, public trust, and a strong bond with its communities. These pillars are crucial in guiding their efforts towards an efficient and effective pathway.

CCTV camera coverage will be enhanced to apprehend criminals and reduce crimes.

Lastly, during his speech, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos State Governor, made assurances about enhanced security measures in the state. He emphasised the ongoing expansion of CCTV camera coverage to apprehend criminals and reduce criminal activities across various areas. However, Mr. Sanwo-Olu emphasised concerns over the continual vandalisation of CCTV cameras in various areas of the state. He noted that he had instructed the state Criminal Investigation Department to pursue those responsible for vandalising the cameras. Similarly, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, the Inspector-General of Police, affirmed the dedication of the NPF towards safeguarding lives and property throughout Nigeria.

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2 months ago

FG to tackle issues hindering police capacity. – NPF will fulfill its duty of safeguarding the lives and belongings of citizens.Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The government’s commitment to addressing challenges within the Nigerian Police Force and fostering community policing is welcomed. The focus on inclusivity, technology, and tailored security solutions for diverse communities reflects a positive step forward. Enhancements in CCTV coverage for improved security are encouraging, but addressing vandalism issues is crucial for sustained effectiveness. Overall, the emphasis on public trust, officer welfare, and comprehensive reform aligns with the aspirations for a safer and more secure nation.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s great to hear that the Federal Government is taking steps to tackle the issues that hinder the police’s capacity. It’s crucial for the Nigerian Police Force to fulfill its duty of safeguarding the lives and belongings of citizens.
A strong and effective police force is essential for maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and protecting the rights of individuals. By addressing the challenges that may hinder the police’s capacity, such as inadequate resources or training, the government can enhance the police force’s ability to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
It’s important for citizens to feel safe and secure in their communities, and the police play a vital role in achieving that. When the police are well-equipped, well-trained, and supported, they can better respond to emergencies, prevent and investigate crimes, and build trust with the community.
I’m hopeful that the efforts to tackle these issues will lead to a stronger and more efficient police force in Nigeria. It’s a positive step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens.

2 months ago

As soon as possible, the government ought to address the problems. Though they are supposed to be law enforcement, some police officers continue to be a nuisance, particularly when it comes to bribery and corruption.People should feel comfortable and safe in their neighborhoods, and the police are essential

2 months ago

FG will address problems that limit the ability of the police. Protecting citizens’ lives and property is a task that NPF will carry out. The issues that hinder the police’s effectiveness are being addressed by the federal government. One of the most important duties of the Nigerian Police Force is to protect residents’ belongings and safety. A strong and competent police force is necessary to maintain peace and safety.