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FG sets to promote investments in Nigeria

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigeria is prepared to engage in substantial business endeavours.

President Bola Tinubu has given global investors his word that his government will eliminate any barriers in Nigeria that are currently impeding the smooth operations of businesses. During a business and investment forum in Doha on March 3, 2024, the president reassured attendees about Nigeria’s commitment to fostering economic ties with Qatar. He instructed sincere investors to reach out to him personally if they encountered any government official hindering their progress or requesting a bribe during their business transactions in Nigeria.

The President reassured the nation that Nigeria is prepared to engage in substantial business endeavours. He promised to address the obstacles posed by vested interests that have been impeding investor trust in the country’s economy. Mr. Tinubu promised to eliminate any obstacles hindering the success of legal and profitable businesses. Rest assured that reforms are currently in progress, and any past rumours can be disregarded, he said to them. No matter what challenges or issues they have faced in the past, they have all been overcome and left behind. The future holds nothing but opportunities and possibilities, free from any obstacles.

Investors should not allow untrue perceptions to stop them from investing.

He advised them to refrain from giving any bribes to staff members. If they are approached for a bribe or if one is accepted, he asked that he gets informed immediately. He affirmed his availability to assist them. Nigeria is determined to break free from its past and forge a new path forward. So, investors should not allow outdated perceptions to deter them from investing in the bright future that lies ahead. Nigeria is fully committed to transforming investment promotion. It is actively eliminating barriers now and will persist in eliminating all barriers in the future.

In just nine months, the government has accomplished a lot. Tinubu further reassured them that there are no entry or exit fees – their money will move easily in and out of the country, Tinubu added confidently. By appointing Nuhu Ribadu, the former Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), as National Security Adviser, it was observed that efforts to combat corruption and insecurity in Nigeria were being bolstered. He informed them that Nigeria is ready to welcome new business opportunities and guaranteed that their investments will be secure under the country’s care.

Role of individuals in shaping successful nations.

Furthermore, in this establishment, Nigeria is fortunate to have individuals with esteemed reputations. It is its belief that by assembling a strong committee, it can drive their conversations towards fruitful resolutions. President Tinubu emphasized that without good people to lead it, a nation is simply a construction of human design. He highlighted the role of individuals in shaping successful nations and confidently stated that Nigeria has exceptional individuals to guide it. It is prepared. He noted the abundance of opportunities available in Nigeria across a range of industries.

There are many valuable resources available to Nigeria, including oil, gas, and solid minerals. It seems only logical that they should work together to delve into new opportunities such as iron ore exploration, steel production, and energy development. His goal is to provide them with confidence across various industries such as tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and numerous other fields that are available for exploration. The president cautioned against missing out on the golden opportunity the country is offering to investors, was the message conveyed.

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Additionally, the Qatari minister of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Al-Thani, expressed excitement about the potential business prospects in Nigeria due to its expansive market, highlighting future opportunities for Qatar. He indicated that Qatar’s focus was on making new investments in environmentally friendly projects, mineral resources, oil derivatives, manufacturing, and consumer goods. The minister expressed optimism about collaborating with their Nigerian partners to accomplish common goals in these fields, stated the minister. The event was graced by Mr. Tinubu, who was in the company of governors, ministers, Mr. Ribadu, and representatives from the Nigerian business sector.

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