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FG counters climate change with NCCC- CAA

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By Mercy Kelani

They strive to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change on Nigerians.

Nigeria’s battle against climate change has received a major boost as the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) and Climate Action Africa (CAA) join forces in a ground-breaking partnership. To solidify their commitment, both organizations recently convened at the NCCC headquarters in Abuja to sign a crucial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signalling their united front in tackling this urgent environmental crisis. In striving to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change on Nigeria’s people and surroundings, the NCCC and CAA join forces with the intention of amalgamating their endeavours.

By unifying their efforts, they aim to establish a precedent for taking assertive and influential actions in addressing the worldwide issue of climate change. A number of notable individuals, representing both the NCCC and CAA, graced the signing ceremony with their presence. Salisu Dahiru, the director general of NCCC, and Michael Ivenso, responsible for energy, transportation and infrastructure at NCCC, were among the attendees. Grace Oluchi Mbah, co-founder and executive director of CAA, alongside other representatives from CAA, were also present on this occasion.

This partnership plays a crucial role in combatting climate emergency.

Dahiru placed great emphasis on the significance of the alliance during his speech at the ceremonial signing. He underscored the critical role this partnership plays in combatting the climate emergency in Nigeria. Dahiru highlighted how working in tandem with CAA would grant them the ability to promptly and unequivocally confront the nation’s susceptibilities. Moreover, he reiterated their objective of constructing enduring and viable remedies that will be advantageous to all citizens of Nigeria. In regards to this matter, CAA’s co-founder and executive director placed great emphasis on the pressing nature of Nigeria’s climate crisis, emphasizing the need for collaborative and prompt measures.

Mbah also conveyed her hopeful outlook, stating that through this partnership, Nigeria’s future can be reshaped and serve as a global role model. The power of innovation, sustainable practices, policy dialogue, and community engagement will be harnessed to achieve this shared objective. Nigeria, in the rankings of the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative for 2021, finds itself placed at 53rd as one of the most vulnerable countries in the face of climate change. Furthermore, it also ranks at 179th for its preparedness to confront this imminent threat.

It also aims to play a vital role in ensuring accountability.

More so, the country’s susceptibility to severe weather occurrences like droughts, floods, and soil erosion pose a significant risk to critical sectors such as agriculture, water resources, public health, and settlements. The upcoming Climate Action Africa Forum (CAAF24) in Lagos, Nigeria, from June 17th to 19th, 2024, will witness a ground-breaking partnership between NCCC and CAA. This collaboration aims to tackle the urgent challenges posed by climate change in Africa by bringing together a diverse range of participants including global leaders, executives, visionaries, advocates, and community organizations.

CAAF24, a highly anticipated international gathering, will serve as a platform for insightful discussions and concerted efforts towards combating climate change on the African continent. The forum has been established as a catalyst for the creation of tangible solutions by offering a platform where funding and resources can be generated. It also aims to play a vital role in ensuring accountability in the execution of climate-related projects. Climate Action Africa, a subsidiary of Cleanbuild Climate Action Innovation LTD/GTE, was established in 2021 to lead the way in bringing about revolutionary advancements in Africa’s resilience restoration and the promotion of environmentally friendly, sustainable socio-economic growth.

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In an era plagued by climate-related uncertainties, particularly detrimental to Africa, our organization is dedicated to harnessing the immense opportunities offered by Africa’s diverse resources and thriving communities, thereby shaping a better future for the continent. Climate Action Africa is committed to achieving a harmonious coexistence of economic development and safeguarding the continent against the impacts of climate change. By harnessing the power of shared knowledge, unconventional approaches, environmentally friendly methods, transformative behavioural shifts, and unwavering political determination, Africa has the potential to enhance its ability to withstand challenges, paving the way for a future that is not only environmentally sustainable but also brimming with abundance and progress.

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24 days ago

FG counters climate change with NCCC & CAA.They strive to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change on Nigerians. – Express your point of view.

23 days ago

FG uses CAA and NCCC to combat climate change. Their goal is to lessen the negative impacts that climate change is having on Nigerians.The NCCC and CAA collaborate to combine their efforts in an effort to lessen the negative consequences of climate change on Nigeria’s population and environment. This is a productive team effort. 

Adeoye Adegoke
23 days ago

That’s awesome news! The Federal Government’s initiative to counter climate change with the National Climate Change Commission (NCCC) and Climate Action Alliance (CAA) is a significant step towards protecting Nigerians from the harmful impacts of climate change. It’s crucial to mitigate these effects and promote sustainable practices for a better future. I fully support these efforts and believe that collective action is essential in addressing climate change and ensuring the well-being of our people and the environment. Let’s strive for a greener and more resilient Nigeria!

23 days ago

set an example for bold and powerful action in tackling the global challenge of climate change. The signing event was graced by the presence of several noteworthy personalities who represented both the CAA and the NCCC.For a brighter future, it is essential to lessen negative effects and encourage sustainable behaviors.