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Combating global climate change crisis

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By Mercy Kelani

The world is now one-degree centigrade warmer, according to experts.

According to Save the Children International, the world has become warmer by one degree, which indicates that there is an increase in its negative effects on the lives of human beings. The international organization further asserted that fossil fuels are regarded as a contributing factor towards environmental damage. While stating these facts, it added that Nigeria and other countries across Africa should let go of fossil fuels, as it implored federal governments to do what is right.

As a result, the organization appealed to the federal government of Nigeria to ensure approval of more funding for the Security of the environment and to aid mitigation of the severe consequences of Climate Change. The statement made by Save the Children International was disclosed by its Director of Advocacy, Amanuel Mamo, during the COP28 simulation event that was held in Abuja on November 30, 2023, as he implored stakeholders to employ urgent measures before the situation gets out of hand.

This increase has high negative effects on the lives of humans.

Furthermore, the Director of Advocacy stated that Climate Crisis is regarded as the greatest challenge of the modern world and a dangerous threat towards children and the rights they possess. He highlighted that experts in the climate change field have affirmed that the world is now one-degree centigrade warmer in comparison with the pre-industrial period. He added that experts have also stated, with evidence, that this increase has high and massive negative effects on the lives of humans.

Due to this development, the coming years will witness an intensification of droughts, a projected increase in rainfall variability, persistence of extreme weather events, a projected increase in new Livestock and human diseases, increase in arising conflicts over decreasing resources. It was also stated by experts that there would be displacements of people across the world as a result of the rising oceans, wildfires, expanding deserts, floods, droughts, and other effects and consequences of climate crisis.

Children’s rights might be unable to sail through this global crisis.

Also, as a means of curbing the situation, it was stated that the first thing that should be done is to ensure development of a responsible behaviour for the protection of the environment. As a result, human beings were urged to be deliberate and cautious in regard to how Pollution of the environment is minimized as they also put an end to usage of environmentally unfriendly materials. He added that children’s rights might be unable to sail through a global climate crisis.

Hence, there is a need for an increase in climate crisis Investment. The Ministry of Environment and every other ministry across the country, agencies and departments should ensure a deliberate increase in the budget and cost for environment. The federal government has to employ deliberation in ensuring more investment in Environmental Protection. Therefore, states and governments were called upon to carefully address and listen to the voices of children and their demands from governments across the world.

Involvement of children in this movement is necessary.

Hamisu Maigari, a climate change ambassador at the simulation, said that having Nigeria in the movement for climate change call to action is necessary because the country has witnessed worse climate crisis in various states. This crisis has caused suffering in various Nigerian states as houses have been washed away and Agriculture has been reduced. Children undergo suffering as they feel the effects of this crisis more. It is, therefore, necessary to have children involved in the movement to eradicate the climate change crisis in Nigeria.


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