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Govt. back cancer detection kit debut in Nigeria

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By Usman Oladimeji

OncoSeek algorithm enable detection of 9-11 types of cancer at early stage.

The Partnership for Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA), in collaboration with Inspire2live Netherlands, launched a new software algorithm in Nigeria that allows citizens to detect nine to eleven different types of cancer at an early stage, potentially improving the chances of preventing or successfully treating the diseases. The introduction of the OncoSeek algorithm took place during a public engagement event in Abuja aimed at educating stakeholders about the disease detection and prevention in Africa. OncoSeek detect a range of cancers in their early stages using a simple blood sample. This innovative software algorithm analyses the levels of 7 protein tumour markers to identify the presence of the disease, enabling prompt intervention and treatment.

PECA has stated that OncoSeek, a new blood-based test, surpasses traditional clinical methods in terms of effectiveness. The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate, announced at the event that the federal government would fully support PECA and Inspire2live in implementing the innovative programme in the country. Pate outlined the government’s extensive initiatives in the disease elimination through the ministry, emphasizing the establishment of the Cancer Health Fund in Nigeria. She encouraged individuals diagnosed with the disease to utilize this resource.

A greater possibility of prevention, treatment of the disease.

Dr. Jimoh Olawale Salaudeen, representing the minister at the event and serving as the Director of Hospital Services at the Federal Ministry of Health, highlighted the government’s commitment to addressing the disease effectively in the country. Benjamin Ogbalor, PECA, conveyed his joy about the newfound opportunity for millions of Nigerians to identify and address 9 to 11 types of the disease at an early stage. This offers a greater possibility of prevention and successful cancer treatment.

Furthermore, the event signifies the start of achieving a primary goal of PECA – making a difference in the the disease control initiative by forming alliances. Ogbalor expressed appreciation for the support from international allies Inspire2live Netherlands, making it feasible for OncoSeek to be launched in Nigeria, ultimately leading to saving lives and alleviating the significant expenses and hardships linked to the disease. He outlined that the purpose of the event is to showcase to the Nigerian community the capabilities of OncoSeek in detecting a range of the diseases early, as well as how Nigerians can access and benefit from this product.

Early detection of cancer can decrease numbers of fatalities.

This message is primarily conveyed at high-ranking officials in the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as other government departments and agencies, healthcare professionals, civil society groups, patient advocates, the donor community, and various other stakeholders. During her address, the President of the Defence and Police Officers Wives Association (DEPOWA), Mrs. Oghogho Musa expressed delight in her members’ involvement in the project, promising full support for any initiatives aimed at preventing the disease or improving early detection methods.

According to Mrs. Musa, early detection of the disease can greatly decrease the number of cancer-related deaths and alleviate the financial strain it causes. She urged all individuals with good intentions to join in spreading awareness about the significance of early detection of the disease and to participate in advocating for the eradication of the disease globally. She said DEPOWA, a non-governmental organization is dedicated to the well-being of women, children, and vulnerable individuals in society, particularly those in the military community across the country and has consistently played a role in these initiatives.

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Serving as the head of DEPOWA, she declares that the organization is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of their community and society as a whole. Their focus is primarily on women and children, and they have demonstrated their dedication to raising awareness about the disease prevention. DEPOWA has already provided free screenings for cervical and breast cancer, and will continue to do so in the future. She also mentioned that they have been providing information to teenagers about the benefits of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine. Also, the organization have been helping women schedule regular cervical cancer screenings and mammograms by issuing them cards as a reminder to ensure early detection of the illness.

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