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Experts stir youths at UR3 resilience summit

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By Mercy Kelani

Finding opportunities within challenges and embracing change.

Nigerians are being urged by experts to embrace tactical methods in the face of interruptions, with the belief that such approaches will enable them to discover unexplored prospects and cultivate progress. In Lagos over the weekend, the UR3 resilience summit featured guidance from psychosocial professionals. Experts in the field offered their valuable insights, encouraging attendees to embrace the process of Unveiling, Reviewing, Redefining, and Relaunching for enhanced mental and emotional resilience. As the keynote speaker and founder, Men of Valour & Naked Truth, Robert Burale gave his keynote speech, he discussed the challenges and techniques involved in successfully navigating uncertain situations.

The speaker emphasized the importance of adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving skills in times of uncertainty. They also highlighted the significance of finding opportunities within challenges and embracing change. In his reflection upon past difficulties, he recounted experiencing tumultuous periods filled with despair and the contemplation of ending his own life on three separate occasions. Remarkably, he managed to overcome these harrowing ordeals by transforming the disruption into a catalyst for personal growth, highlighting the paramount significance of discovering a greater calling amidst disruptive circumstances.

Everyone possesses the potential to radiate brilliance.

His words resonated with everyone present. He stated that a multitude among them feel trapped in a space devoid of hope, where darkness looms. However, he challenged this notion for it is a great deceit. He told them not to seek a glimmer of light at the tunnel’s end, for therein lies their fallacy. Everyone possesses the potential to radiate brilliance and illuminate the entire expanse of that very tunnel. According to Burale, the mastermind behind Zoom did not develop it as a reaction to the COVID situation; instead, it had already been in existence prior to the outbreak, primarily because the founder had predicted potential disruptions.

When the pandemic finally hit, despite its disruptive nature, it unexpectedly proved to be incredibly profitable for him. Burale emphasized that at a certain point, Zoom’s worth even exceeded that of airlines by a staggering seven times. He expressed his distress over the fact that numerous Africans tend to hold the government responsible for the scarcity of job opportunities. He emphasized that instead of expecting the government to directly provide jobs, its primary responsibility lies in creating a favourable environment where employment opportunities can flourish.

Perceiving failure as a setback is a misguided approach.

Stephanie Kadiri, the organizer of UR3 2024 and an expert in self-reengineering and communication coaching, emphasized that when faced with adversity people are confronted with unfamiliar aspects of reality that were previously undiscovered. She mentioned that when faced with challenges, it is important for one to evaluate one’s performance. One should reflect on whether one did well and gave their best efforts. If it can be affirmed that one gave their best with the knowledge that was possessed at the time, then one can be assured that their best was enough.

However, as one gains more knowledge and understanding, one has the opportunity to improve and evolve. This ongoing journey of improvement can be referred to as a process of self reengineering. According to growth and transformation specialist Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, perceiving failure as a setback is a misguided approach. Instead, she suggests viewing it as a chance to learn crucial lessons and gain valuable insights. Dr. Irene Olumese, a coach specializing in transformation, courageously revealed her personal odyssey as an individual with two amputated legs who now gracefully strides on prosthetic limbs.

Each disruption one encounters in life opens up doors for personal growth.

Her uplifting narrative showcased how she skillfully navigated the trials of life, ingeniously converting her adversities into a profound purpose, consciously rejecting the notion of setback. According to the insights of various professionals, including Azeez Amida, CEO of Pan African Towers, Akanimo Ekong, a renowned leadership coach, Enitan Oyenuga, a clinical psychologist, and Ronya Man, a skilled filmmaker and acting coach, it is agreed that each disruption one encounters in life opens up doors for personal growth and development.

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1 month ago

Experts stir youths at UR3 resilience summit. – Finding opportunities within challenges and embracing change.Express your point of view.

1 month ago

UR3 Resilience Summit: Youths are roused by experts. Acknowledging change and looking for possibilities in obstacles  Inspiring young people to seize opportunities was a laudable goal of the UR3 resilience summit. Their creativity and ability to solve issues were enhanced.

1 month ago

Mental health practitioners provided assistance during the UR3 Resilience Summit. The guests were encouraged to embrace the process of Unveiling, Reviewing, Redefining, and Relaunching in order to strengthen their mental and emotional resilience by the insightful advice of domain experts. It is consistently motivating to witness professionals urging youth to seize chances and conquer obstacles. Though it can also bring about progress and new opportunities, change can be unsettling.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I couldn’t agree more with the importance of finding opportunities within challenges and embracing change. Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s in those challenging moments that we have the chance to grow and learn the most. When we embrace change, we open ourselves up to new experiences, perspectives, and possibilities. It can be scary, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. By being resilient and adaptable, we can navigate through obstacles and come out stronger on the other side. The UR3 resilience summit sounds like an amazing event where experts are inspiring and empowering youths to face challenges head-on and make the most of every opportunity. It’s incredible to see how the power of resilience can shape the lives of young individuals and help them overcome any obstacles that come their way. So, I’m all for embracing change and finding those hidden opportunities within challenges. Let’s keep pushing forward and embracing the journey! 💪🌟

Last edited 1 month ago by Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Indeed, the UR3 Resilience Summit in Lagos was truly empowering! The call to embrace change and find opportunities within challenges resonates deeply. Self-reengineering in adversity, as highlighted by Stephanie Kadiri, is a valuable perspective. The insights from various specialists affirm the transformative power of disruptions for personal growth