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Embrace religious tolerance says VP

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By Abraham Adekunle

VP says it's FG's duty to ensure everyone can safely practice their religion.

In a resounding affirmation of commitment to religious freedom, Vice President Kashim Shettima emphasized the President Bola Tinubu administration’s dedication to safeguarding the rights of every Nigerian, irrespective of their religious beliefs. The vice-president conveyed this message during the 6th Nigeria World Maulid anniversary national conference and special prayer organized by the Jam’iyyatu of Nigeria in Lagos, honoring the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Addressing the audience, Shettima underscored the importance of accountability in deeds and actions, urging individuals to uphold the Prophet’s message of fairness and inclusivity in their daily interactions. He stated, “The teachings of Prophet Muhammad serve as a compass guiding us through the complexities of a multicultural world.”

Expanding on the Prophet’s teachings, Shettima highlighted the invaluable lessons on managing diversity fairly, building peace through dialogue, and resolving conflicts with kindness and tolerance. “The Holy Prophet left behind a roadmap for managing diversity with fairness, building peace through dialogue, and resolving conflicts with kindness and tolerance,” he reiterated. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the nation, Shettima recognized the weight of trust placed on Tinubu by the people and called on Nigerians to lead by example, acknowledging their intellectual, spiritual, and moral capabilities.

Commendation for Jam’iyyatu for promoting peaceful coexistence.

He expressed gratitude for the special prayer session organized by the Jam’iyyatu, Ansar Ud Deen, Tijaniyyah, where the Quran was recited 4,444 times for Nigeria and its leader. “In our diverse nation, it is our duty to ensure every Nigerian can practice their religion freely without fear or discrimination,” Shettima affirmed. “We are all in search of our roads to redemption. Here, we are offering to build a nation that upholds the dignity of each person, recognizes the rights of each group, and emphasizes the essence of tolerance.” Encouraging unity, the vice-president urged Nigerians to join hands in fulfilling the nation’s obligations to its people while embracing the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

“Our road to the place of hope is strewn with our commitment to building a nation with the bricks of compassion, justice, and fairness,” he asserted. “The miracle of this dream rests on our adherence to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, and I urge all Nigerians to join us in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood on our long walk to fulfill our obligations to the people.” Commending the efforts of Jam’iyyatu, Ansar Ud Deen, Tijaniyyah in promoting peaceful coexistence among different religious communities, Shettima acknowledged the crucial role played by such initiatives in fostering understanding and unity in a diverse society. Nigeria, is a country with a rich tapestry of cultures and religions, has faced challenges related to religious tolerance over the years. Instances of religious intolerance have, at times, led to tensions and conflicts, underscoring the need for continued efforts to promote understanding and respect among different religious groups.

Nigeria has a broader goal of creating inclusiveness.

The Vice-President’s call for religious freedom and tolerance aligns with the broader national goal of creating an inclusive society where individuals can practice their faith without fear or discrimination. Nigeria’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but the practical implementation of this principle requires ongoing attention and commitment. In recent years, there have been reported incidents of religious violence, discrimination, and persecution in various parts of Nigeria. These incidents often stem from misunderstandings, economic factors, or political tensions, and they underscore the importance of promoting dialogue, understanding, and respect among different religious communities.

Efforts by organizations like Jam’iyyatu, Ansar Ud Deen, Tijaniyyah, as recognized by Vice-President Shettima, play a crucial role in fostering peaceful coexistence. Interfaith dialogues, prayer sessions, and initiatives that bring people from diverse religious backgrounds together and contribute to building bridges of understanding and tolerance. It is essential for educational institutions, community leaders, and government bodies to actively promote religious tolerance and understanding among the younger generation. By incorporating teachings on diversity, respect, and tolerance into school curricula, the foundation for a more inclusive and harmonious society can be laid.

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Furthermore, media outlets and influencers have a responsibility to amplify messages of unity and tolerance. They can play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and fostering a culture that values diversity and promotes peaceful coexistence. Importantly, Kashim Shettima’s emphasis on religious freedom and tolerance sends a positive message to Nigerians, encouraging them to embrace the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in building a nation that upholds the dignity of every individual. While challenges related to religious tolerance persist, efforts made by individuals, organizations, and the government to promote understanding and unity are crucial for fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society in Nigeria.

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1 month ago

Embrace religious tolerance says VP.VP says it’s FG’s duty to ensure everyone can safely practice their religion. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The VP advises embracing religious tolerance. VP asserts that it is the responsibility of FG to guarantee that everyone can practice their faith in a secure manner. –  We have a responsibility to guarantee that all Nigerians can freely practice their religion without facing fear or prejudice in order to establish a country that values tolerance, respects individual rights, and promotes the dignity of every individual. 

1 month ago

For a society to be peaceful, religious tolerance is crucial. It’s wonderful to hear the vice president stress that it is the duty of the state to guarantee that everyone can practice their faith in a secure manner.Although there are still issues with religious tolerance, building a more inclusive and peaceful society in Nigeria depends on the efforts of individuals, groups, and the government to advance understanding and harmony.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I couldn’t agree more with the Vice President! Embracing religious tolerance is essential for a harmonious society. It’s the duty of the government to ensure that every individual can practice their religion safely and without fear. By promoting religious tolerance, we can foster respect, understanding, and unity among different faiths. It’s wonderful to see leaders recognizing the importance of this and working towards creating an inclusive and accepting environment for all. Let’s continue to celebrate diversity and embrace religious tolerance in our society! 🙏🌍