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Cultural values to combat corruption in Nig.

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigeria can achieve more with a reorientation of citizens' morals and values.

Ola Olukoyede, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman, believes that the rampant corruption in Nigeria is a result of citizens disregarding traditional cultural norms. During a meeting with the executive secretary/chief executive officer of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) March 21, 2024, he emphasized the importance of reviving cultural values to combat corruption in Nigeria. This discussion focused on potential inter-agency collaborations to promote this reorientation among Nigerians. Ajiboye emphasized that the commission is working diligently to combat corruption, focusing on educating citizens about the severe moral decay and values that have been compromised.

By focusing on crime prevention instead of racking up convictions, Nigeria can achieve more with a reorientation of citizens’ morals and values. It must address loopholes and change mindsets, which is where NICO plays a crucial role in guiding citizens. Olukoyede expressed the importance of individuals like joining them in the battle against corruption. Nigerians must receive a simple introduction to grasp the importance of refraining from criminal activities. EFCC is open to the idea of the Institute having a presence in the Commission to collaborate on re-orienting Nigerians.

Working together could help combat financial crimes and fraud.

Also, by returning to the country’s core values and their ability to combat moral decline, Nigeria can significantly lighten EFCC’s workload, he remarked. Ajiboye had mentioned that he came to the commission looking for their assistance and collaboration in order to fulfill the Institute’s role as the leading cultural training institution in the nation. He believed that working together could help combat financial crimes and fraud by encouraging Nigerians to embrace their cultural values and way of life, ultimately promoting a return to the country’s cherished traditions.

The NICO boss emphasized the importance of cultural values in combating corruption. He stated that the institute is legally authorized to provide cultural orientation to Nigerian policymakers and citizens, with the goal of integrating Nigerian culture into daily activities. He suggested that senior officers of the Commission receive training from the Institute to enhance productivity. The EFCC firmly believes that incorporating Nigerian cultural elements can enhance their ability to combat corruption and financial crimes in the country.

Appreciating culture can help create a society with lower crime rates.

More so, by training Commission officers in Nigerian culture, they will be better equipped to carry out investigations and interrogations, ultimately leading to more effective discharge of their duties. Cultural appreciation in Nigeria has the power to decrease financial crime and corruption. It is evident that Nigerian cultures do not promote criminal activities or greed. Appreciating culture can help create a society with lower crime rates and less corruption. Nevertheless, the traditional values have been overshadowed by a culture of greed.

This culture of greed is reflected in the rising number of online scammers and other dishonest behaviours such as the misuse of public funds. These actions, including embezzlement, are considered theft and are not condoned by any Nigerian culture. In order to ensure enhancement of crime investigation and interrogation outcomes, they suggest seeing to the provision of senior officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) with cultural orientation training.

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Additionally, by acquiring cultural knowledge, these officers can better understand and respect the cultural backgrounds of suspects. This understanding will lead to more effective interrogations. It is crucial to acknowledge that suspects are more likely to cooperate and provide valuable information when their cultural identity is acknowledged and respected during questioning. He mentioned the ability of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) to provide commission officers with valuable cultural training, effectively preparing and arming them, he noted.

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