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AI to promote financial transparency

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By Mercy Kelani

Data analytics offers a hopeful strategy to improve transparency & tackle fraud.

Adesokan Ayodeji, a specialist in technology and a proponent of Artificial Intelligence, has urged the government to utilize AI and data analytics to promote financial transparency and enhance early detection of fraud. Promoting transparency and detecting fraud at an early stage are key factors for ensuring economic stability and building trust in a country. This is especially crucial in Nigeria, given the pivotal role of the financial sector in driving the nation’s growth and development.

Ayodeji, a lead consultant at Ambiance Media Limited, expressed in a statement released on March 20, 2024, that the conventional approaches to identifying and preventing fraud are no match for the intricate and evolving tactics utilized by fraudsters today. In Nigeria’s financial sector, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics offers a hopeful strategy to improve transparency and tackle fraud effectively. Ayodeji highlighted that Nigeria faces issues around financial transparency and fraud, which are made worse by corruption, insufficient regulations, and technological constraints.

Relying on manual procedures for fraud detection is ineffective.

He pointed out that fraudulent behaviour continues to thrive despite the efforts of regulatory and law enforcement bodies, leading to a loss of investor trust and obstructing economic development. He expressed that relying on manual procedures and outdated systems for fraud detection is ineffective as they are often too slow to catch fraudulent activities, giving room for perpetrators to take advantage. The potential of AI in revolutionizing fraud detection and financial transparency in Nigeria is enormous. Through the use of machine learning algorithms, extensive financial data can be analysed to detect patterns associated with fraudulent activities.

This proactive approach allows for early detection and prevention of fraudulent behaviour. Natural language processing (NLP) methods are able to analyse raw data from sources like emails and documents in order to reveal valuable information. Additionally, predictive analysis can anticipate possible fraud dangers, enabling companies to prevent risks before they occur. Utilizing data analytics alongside AI can greatly boost the ability to detect fraud. By using sophisticated analytical tools, unusual patterns and irregularities can be identified, alerting the system to potentially fraudulent transactions that warrant a closer inspection.

Investments are crucial for building capabilities needed for the future.

Organizations can make better decisions and manage risks more effectively by combining data from various sources like transaction records, customer information, and external datasets to get a complete picture of financial activities. In Nigeria, the utilization of AI and data analytics is hindered by various obstacles, including restricted data access, insufficient infrastructure, and a lack of trained professionals. Despite the advantages it offers, these challenges continue to impede widespread adoption. To fully harness the power of AI and data analytics in fighting financial fraud, it is vital to tackle issues relating to data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. This can be achieved through cooperation between government bodies, financial organizations, and tech companies. Trust and confidence in AI-driven solutions can be established by addressing these concerns collectively.

In order to make sustainable progress, Nigeria needs to focus on investing in AI research, developing data infrastructure, and providing workforce training. These investments are crucial for building the capabilities needed for the future. Collaborating with both the public and private sectors can enhance the exchange of knowledge and the pooling of resources. It is essential for regulatory changes to promote innovation and prevent any potential misuse. Creating a transparent, accountable, and constantly improving environment is crucial for building a strong and reliable financial system in Nigeria.

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The combination of AI and data analysis presents a valuable opportunity to improve financial transparency and identify fraud in Nigeria. By utilizing these innovative technologies, Nigeria has the potential to fortify its financial infrastructure, combat fraud, and boost investor trust and economic development. In order to fully harness the power of AI and data analytics for enhancing financial integrity and accountability in Nigeria, it is essential to work together and overcome the obstacles in implementation through coordinated efforts and partnerships.

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