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Chief Justice of Nigeria seeks to uphold law

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Judiciary under my watch would always uphold the rule of law - Ariwoola.

During the inaugural ceremony of the Federal Judicial Service Commission Liaison Office and the Justice Mary Odili Judicial Institute, constructed by the administration of Governor Nyesom Wike, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Olukayode Ariwoola said that the Judiciary under his guard would always preserve the Rule of Law as well as the supremacy of the constitution. Justice Ariwoola inaugurated the facilities and affirmed that the judiciary upholds all legally binding court orders to safeguard citizens from any and all forms of oppression, suppression, and repression.

The CJN lauded Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers for the diligent work and great strides he had made in all of the federal and state projects he had constructed in the judiciary for the benefit of the nation. He wholeheartedly commends and eulogizes his sincere efforts and urges him to maintain the lofty enthusiasm for the greatest good of Rivers State Judiciary and, by extension, the Nigerian judiciary. He further boasts that Rivers State enjoys a privileged position among the other states that are fervently enthusiastic and unrivalled in terms of the convenience and safety of their judicial systems.

Other state governors are urged to follow Wike’s innovation.

Speaking further at the inauguration, he explained that he did not require anyone to inform him that this is an uncommon faith, particularly in this clan where a thick wall of controversy is frequently and purposefully erected to detach the state projects from the federal projects. According to him, Wike was among the many influential lawyers in Nigeria who had tirelessly lent their voices to the development, improvement, and prosperity of the country’s judicial system, particularly its ability to administer justice fairly and without flaw at all levels.

They express their sincere gratitude for the invaluable projects that his excellency has undertaken and encouraged the governors of other states to follow his example, asserting that a good deed should not only be publicly acknowledged but also publicly adopted. According to what he had to say, the Justice Mary Peter Odili Judicial Institute would continue to be the most important reference point for the upskilling of judicial officers as well as administrators in Nigeria and beyond.

Unpaid funds by the former administration are now released.

Governor Wike extended his gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for approving as well as releasing the state’s fund that had been accrued to River State and other Niger Delta states yet had not been paid out by the previous administration. Gov. Wike stated that the institute would receive N500 million as soon as possible in order for them to begin working before they would be included in the budget for 2023. He added that the purpose of constructing the institution was to ensure that members of the judiciary and the staff members who assist them would regularly participate in training.

According to him, there is nothing improper for state governments to train their own Judges, magistrates, and lawyers and also cut costs for travelling to Abuja for training if the Nigerian government is actually practicing true Federalism and not just talking about it in theory. Gov. Wike stated that he would seek an amendment to include the latest judiciary institute in the budget for the year 2023 so that the institution could function in an efficient manner.

Justice Odili acknowledged Gov. Wike’s sacrifices of love.

Justice Mary Odili, a retired Supreme Court judge, prayed that the God almighty would reward Gov. Wike well for all the sacrifices he had made out of love for her, the people of Rivers, and Nigeria as a whole. Justice Odili said that the Governor had accorded her the honour of having the institute named after her, along with what it stood for. She said she would take the chance to be the first person to give a lecture at the institute. Justice Odili told young and old judges, magistrates, and lawyers to stay true to the will of God almighty. Saying that Nigeria’s Judiciary had a lot of hope.


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