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CCTV order issued for public/private places

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By Dawn

All visited locations must be protected by CCTV surveillance.

Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has signed an executive order requiring all public and private institutions to install CCTV cameras. This is part of the governor’s efforts to improve Security in the state by deterring crime and increasing transparency. The installation of CCTV cameras will help to create a more secure environment for the people of Ondo State by providing a visual deterrent to crime and helping to increase the transparency of government operations.

The Executive Order is being made in order to prevent security breaches, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Lagos State has confirmed. This is a proactive measure to ensure the safety and security of the people of Lagos state. The Executive Order will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended as necessary to ensure its efficacy.

Measures must be taken to ensure that all citizens are safe and secure.

With the increased Insecurity in the country it is imperative to increase security in public and private institutions in the state. Lives and properties must be protected in all institutions throughout. Measures must be taken to ensure that all citizens are safe and secure. To achieve this, the state must increase security in all public and private institutions. This will require the deployment of more security personnel in these institutions and to also provide more advanced training to these personnel.

All public places must enforce order. This includes religious places, financial institutions, event centers, restaurants, educational institutions, supermarkets, hotels/motels, clinics and health centers, recreation or vehicular parks, and other places regularly used by the public. The purpose of this is to ensure the safety of all individuals who frequent these places. By enforcing order, public places can reduce the chances of accidents and injuries occurring. Furthermore, it can also help to deter criminal activities.

The governor has deemed it necessary to issue this executive order.

This executive order is in accordance with Section 176 (2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which authorizes the governor to issue such orders. This section of the Constitution specifically provides that the governor may, from time to time, give directions to the State Security Service, the Police Force, and other Law Enforcement Agencies in the state in respect of the maintenance of public order and safety. Given the current security situation in the state, the governor has deemed it necessary to issue this executive order in order to ensure the safety of the people of the state.

It is expected that the installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras and other secret cameras is expected of the owners, operators, and managers of public and private institutions in Ondo State in order to monitor the daily activities on their premises, including the ingress and egress of people and vehicles. This is done in order to maintain safety and security within the institution and to deter and investigate potential crimes.

Properly equipped to handle any security issues that may arise.

CCTV devices having data storage hardware cannot be understated. Not only does this provide a valuable resource for security agencies, but it also helps to ensure that all public and private institutions are properly equipped to handle any security issues that may arise. Well-trained security personnel are essential in manning all entry and exit points, and their presence can help to deter potential threats.


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