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Cannabis Infusion for Nigerians

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Harvest One Cannabis Inc. has expanded operations into Nigeria.

The first written documentation of cannabis can be traced back to 2727 BC, when it was mentioned in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. In this text, cannabis was referred to as a plant that had medicinal properties and could be used to treat a variety of ailments. It is believed to have originated in Central Asia, and from there it spread throughout the world.

Cannabis has a long and complex history, with origins that date back thousands of years. Cannabis has been used for a variety of purposes, including religious ceremonies, medicinal purposes, and recreational use. Over the years, it has been the subject of much debate and controversy, with both supporters and detractors.

It was banned because it was believed to be a harmful drug.

Cannabis prohibition has been implemented in various parts of the world for centuries. The earliest known references to cannabis being banned come from China, where it was outlawed in the year 200 BC. However, cannabis was also banned in other parts of the world at around the same time, including in Egypt, India, and Assyria. The reasons for why cannabis was banned in these different parts of the world varied from place to place.

In China, for example, it was banned because it was believed to be a harmful drug that could cause mental illness. In India, on the other hand, cannabis was banned because it was seen as a threat to the traditional values of the country. Since, a large majority of world governments have followed suit in banning the plant.

There is no benefit in prohibition of cannabis.

Cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries, it was used in Western Medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions, including Muscle Spasms, Convulsions, and Inflammation. However, it was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1942. A growing number of studies, however, suggest that cannabis may be useful in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, including Chronic pain, Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting, and Multiple Sclerosis.

In 1976, the Netherlands effectively decriminalized marijuana, followed by the State of California in 1996 who legalized medical marijuana and Canada in 2018 legalized it nationwide. There is no benefit in prohibition of cannabis, it is actually a hindrance and has ruined many lives around the globe. Recently it appears the international community is beginning to follow suit with decriminalization and legalization.

For those that support medical cannabis this is considered a win.

With the collaboration between Pharmtick and Harvest One, we in Nigeria should soon see the doors opening for talks of full legalization in the country. In each case where laws were changed, it represented a small step forward on the issue. These problems are not solved in a short time with one or two steps, it takes years of deliberation and planning to allow the rollout to be successful. Harvest One announces that we have officially taken the first step, and for those that support medical cannabis this is considered a win.


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