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Buhari holds talks with Greece & Ireland PMs

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By Timothy Akintola

Ireland to help Nigeria fight insecurity and healthcare problems.

Nigeria has been faced with a surging rate of crimes and discrepancies in the health system which have devastated the country. These problems have further caused the raise of important concerns about the functionality of the government in collectively curbing these menaces. Security wise, the recurring cases of bandits’ attacks have caused a dent in Nigeria’s underwhelming security situation. The consistent anti-social crimes perpetrated by criminals, the unknown gunmen especially, have forced communities to be abandoned with people being displaced. Several communities around the northern zone especially have had to be expelled from their abodes as a result of the concurrent insecurities that have ravaged the country.

The country also risks its worst healthcare crisis in recent years, as a result of the lack of improved access to technological solutions as well as a shortage of medical equipment and adequate necessities like water, proper Sanitation and hygiene. Numerous patients continue to suffer the brunt of the country’s inadequate technological development in the health sector, with only a few of the country’s population economically capable to receive medical attention outside the country.

Ireland to deploy technology to curb Nigeria’s security problems.

However, Ireland’s Prime Minister, Micheal Martin, after a bilateral meeting President Mohammadu Buhari, has promised that Ireland will help Nigeria by deploying technologies that can help curb the security and healthcare problems that the country is ravaged with. While President Buhari had stated that a renewed effort of the Nigerian Military would be important for salvaging the security challenges that the country is faced with, the promised Technology which is an advancement on the present military equipment provides a ray of hope to curbing the challenge of Insecurity in the country.

President Buhari noted that in recent months new platforms and boosted morale among the security forces have put Nigeria on the right path to overtly curbing the challenge of insecurity in the country. He further claimed that partnership with other nations that will proffer the needed technological solutions will be made. On the need for all countries across the globe to unite and support each other, he noted that the COVID-19 experiences have indicated more reasons for every nation to work collaboratively rather than independently towards the actualization of sustainable Peace and progress for humanity.

Buhari emphasized the use of practical means to solve health issues.

He further assured Ireland’s Prime Minister that Nigeria will continue to work towards strengthening its relationship with Ireland especially in the educational sector, as numerous Nigerians have established themselves schooling and working in the country. Mr. Micheal Martin, however stated that despite Ireland’s relationship with Nigeria as its biggest trading partner in Africa, the country was working on other means improve their level of relations. He however promised that Ireland will improve relations in other areas like the deployment of technology to help solve Nigeria’s security and healthcare crisis.

Ireland’s Prime Minister also claimed that with European countries in need for alternatives for their sources of energy due to the persistent war between Russia and Ukraine, his country would be looking towards Nigeria for this service. In a different meeting, President Buhari also encouraged the need for a closer relationship with Greece, especially in health, education, security and other non-oil sectors. He also emphasized that perhaps, practical measures for curbing health challenges must now be envisaged.

Greece’ PM also promises to help Nigeria in combating insecurity.

Kyriekos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of Greece noted that Greece possessed inherent intelligence on combating insecurity with technology, and while it is not cheap invention, would assist in curbing Nigeria’s security crisis to further ensure world peace. He also promised to put together a delegation with professionals in the health, Education and oil sectors respectively to interface with private sectors in Nigeria to develop parameters at which their innovations can be introduced. He however invited President Buhari to visit Greece before the end of his tenure.


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