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Bauchi State begins Tree Planting Campaign

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By Abiodun Okunloye

They take a hard stance against deforestation and will hold people accountable.

Following the 2023 tree planting campaign, which was initiated by Sen. Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, governor of Bauchi State, the people living in the state have been urged to actively participate in planting trees as an effective strategy for combating the adverse effects that are being caused by the changing climate. During the event, which was held at the Dungal Housing Estate along Jos Road, the governor emphasised the critical role of tree planting in light of the unpredictability of the weather that is brought about by the current climatic circumstances.

The governor also voiced his concern about the actions of a few groups of unscrupulous people in specific regions of the state who, in conjunction with other undesirable parties, participate in the unlawful cutting of trees for the production of charcoal, thereby putting the environment in jeopardy. He promised that his administration would take a hard stance against deforestation and call those responsible to account. He made it apparent that anyone caught participating in such behaviour can expect severe punishment.

People should consider tree planting as a means of employment.

In addition, he gave his word that his administration will make it a priority to support projects to plant trees in order to preserve the natural world, as well as to develop environments that are aesthetically beautiful and conducive to human habitation. The governor encouraged young people to give some thought to tree planting as a potential line of work they could pursue to sustain themselves financially. He stated that the government is unable to provide possibilities for empowerment to each and every citizen.

He issued a call to the traditional leaders to encourage their people to take part in significant tree planting at any time throughout the year rather than waiting till the time that is allocated specifically for such activities. In addition to this, he advised the Caretaker Chairmen to schedule some time specifically for the planting of trees as a means of preserving the natural environment. This is especially important for the northern region of the state, which, as a result of its topography, has been hit particularly hard by the process of desertification.

Climate change impact will be reverted with people’s involvement.

Rt. Hon. Danlami Ahmed Kawule, Commissioner of Housing and Environment, highlighted in his opening remarks how crucial it is to recognise the huge impact climate change is having on the earth and take immediate action to avert its impacts. He continued, stating that they can take comfort in the knowledge that there is a basic tool easily available, and that is trees, even though they face consequences such as rising global temperatures, harsh weather events, and the loss of biodiversity. Danlami Ahmed Kawule emphasised the importance of trees, noting that they are beautiful and crucial for human survival.

Moreso, trees are essential to human survival because they release oxygen into the air and draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, so helping to moderate temperatures. Also, he stressed the need to acknowledge the function trees play in receiving sunlight and transforming it into energy through photosynthesis. Oxygen is produced as a result of photosynthesis in trees. The importance of recognising this dual function in creating healthier and greener neighbourhoods for citizens and combating climate change cannot be overstated.

Tree planting has a significant impact on the environment.

By planting trees, individuals are actively assisting in the fight against climate change and beautifying their surroundings. The individual act of planting a tree may not seem like much, yet it has a substantial aggregate impact. In addition to reducing carbon emissions and soil erosion, the trees they plant also provide habitats for innumerable species. He said that while they participate in this yearly tree-planting initiative, people should keep in mind that their actions, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be, can have a profound impact. He urged people to take advantage of the situation and engage in tree-planting activities.

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