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Bandits storm Augie LGA, Kebbi State

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By Mercy Kelani

The invasion led to the death of 3 people and abduction of over 10 people.

Banditry is a heinous crime that stands as a security threat to democratic governance and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria. Bandits’ activities are mostly prevalent in the North West region of Nigeria, where they engage in kidnapping, rape, killing, arson, cattle rustling, looting, and shooting. They carry out their crimes mostly in Zamfara, Kebbi, Kaduna, Niger, Sokoto, and Katsina states. Its prevalence is as a result of under-governed spaces, a weak security apparatus, the proliferation of small arms and light weapons and socioeconomic conditions such as poverty, illegal mining activities, unemployment, etc.

In Kebbi State, residents of about eight villages in Augie Local Government Area of Kebbi have deserted the area, due to persistent attacks by bandits and especially the attack at Zagi on August 17, 2022. The eight Augie villages whose residents fled, out of fear, are Zagi, Tungar, Rafi, Tungar Tudu, Keke, Kwaido, Sabongarin Kwaido, Tungar Chichira and Tattazai. The attack was reported to have led to the death of three people, abductions of more than ten people and so many people injured.

Security agencies have blocked bandits’ access into the state.

Malam Muhammadu Lawali-Sule, the Village Head of the attacked area, Zagi, Kebbi State, disclosed that the attack by the bandits occurred during the night. In his words, the villagers jointly tried to form a resistance against the attackers, the bandits, but were easily overpowered by the force of the bandits. He further added that those who were injured during the period of the bandit attack are currently in the hospital, and responding well to treatment.

The Commissioner of Police for Kebbi State, Alhaji Ahmed Magaji-Kontagora, assured that there has been an issuance of mobilization of more security personnel to the area invaded by the bandits in order to contribute to the security of the area from more attacks. Speaking on the increased security in the area, he affirmed that there is a blockage of bandits by troops, which serves as an impediment for them to gain access into any part of the state.

CP advised the general public to be security conscious.

Having highlighted all security measures which the state has put in place to ensure the safety of citizens in Kebbi State, the commissioner urged residents who had fled from their houses to return to their individual villages and move on with their day-to-day activities and normal businesses, assuring them of maximum protection of their lives and properties. He also advised the general public to be vigilant and security conscious, ensuring to be supportive to security agencies with credible intelligence, needed to tackle insecurity.

The Chairman of Augie Local Government Area, Alhaji Lawal Muhammad, attested to the mobilization of more security around the villages and its environs. There has also been an establishment of an internally displaced person camp in the area. In addition, with the additional security personnel in the Local Government Area, there would likely be no recurrence of the bandit invasion, as security agencies had blocked all access of bandits into the state to ensure any further attack is being averted.

The government will protect lives and property in the state from banditry.

Following the deployment of security personnel, by security agencies, in the affected area, normalcy is in the process of being restored back to the area. As a result, the LGA Chairman reaches out to residents of his community who fled the area, appealing to them to be patient and calm enough to return to their various houses. Security agencies and likewise the government, aware of the situation of the state, will try their best possible to ensure the protection of every life and property.

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