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An open letter to the presidential candidates

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By Timothy Akintola

Senator Agbo shares ideas necessary to improve Nigeria’s welfare.

While the western world continues to overtly witness an advance in human civilization, Africa still lingers within a blatant recycle of bad leadership, with a constant struggle for basic improvements like electricity, water supply, payment of wages, and a general working system. Decades after independence, no African country has been able to successfully establish itself as a world developmental super nation. The continent has been ravaged by a host of complacent leadership that continues to hinder the prospective development that could take place if things are done in the right direction and this trajectory traumatizes every individual, as the African nations still wobble between death and survival.

In the wake of the impending 2023 general elections in Nigeria, there have been different approaches enacted by the Nigerian populace, to get it right with electing a befitting leader this time around. In truth, Nigeria is hanging by a thread due to the complacency of elected leaders over the years and a failure to get it right this time kills every lingering hope for a better Nigeria. Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar and Bola Ahmed Tinubu are the front runners of the impending presidential election. In light of this, Senator Anthony Agbo, a former Senator from Ebonyi state has written an open letter to the presidential candidates to share and emphasize on some ideas that he deems necessary to further improve the country’s welfare.

Nigeria must change its identity of being a consuming economy.

Senator Agbo in demanding that Nigeria be shaped into a super state, explained what a super state is like. He noted that every super state is characterized by an ever-advancing technological system, a technological-driven economic market, advanced academic institutions, sophisticated healthcare facilities as well as a coordinated architectural system. Also, Agbo said that every super state must possess a progressive dynamic that improves the economic performances by creating employment opportunities and promoting their local innovations.

Further, the Senator noted that a super state must have transcended itself out of common identity of a consumer economy that focuses on exchanging raw materials for refined materials. To create a competitive and highly productive economic environment that other countries depend on for the services it makes available for the global market. Nigeria however have been a consumer society for so long, depending on foreign countries to refine their raw materials, as well as importing most products rather than improve and support its locally produced products to help grow the economic situation.

Anti – corruption institutions must be strengthened to be above all citizens.

Agbo asserted that Africa is faced with a leadership challenge as a result of the myopic vision that has failed to propel African leaders to advance beyond the primitive stage of leadership delivery. As such, he believed that Nigeria can be made a super state if the elected president will advance its policies to craft the country into a developing element. A super state must possess an all-round development in its social, economic and political endeavors. The Senator, criticizing the present state of the Federal Capital Territory, noted that Abuja has been ravaged by a mass of individualized, discordant and hostile habitation that does not fit into what an ideal FCT should be, due to its chaotic architectural ambience. He however suggested that Abuja, like most states that make up the nation must witness internal rebuilds.

On the state of increased corruption that threatens the country’s stability, Agbo also noted that the institution, tactics, and effectiveness of the anticorruption tasks must be strengthened and designed to be above every citizens, irrespective of their social and economic status. Nigeria’s politicians and bureaucrats have become indulging in corrupt and embezzlement practices and as such, the anticorruption institution must possess a deterrent force that will make governmental positions unattractive to corrupt citizens.

All ranks of police officers must undergo rigorous screening.

Agbo also stated that Nigeria needs a newly created police force and system. The police force have been recurrently criticized for their inhumane and corrupt practices and as such, Senator Agbo suggested some paradigms that will help with designing a new and effective police force in the country. He stated that all rank and file police officers must undergo rigorous screening under the parameters of their age, competence, education level, health status and patriotism. He noted that while this paradigm will help flush out ineffective officers, the country must then focus on recruiting young, educated and competent Nigerians that will be trained in the best policing systems around the world.

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