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Aero Contractors suspends all flights

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By Dawn

Due to challenging issues, Nigeria's oldest airline is suspending services.

Many factors contributed to the Airline’s suspension of services, this was due to challenges such as the operational environment. The airline industry is a highly competitive and volatile one. With the largest issue being that it was not able to keep up with the competition. The other airlines were able to adapt to the changing environment better and they had a better understanding of the customer needs. Aero was also facing some financial difficulties. This made it difficult for the airline to invest in new technologies and improve its operations.

The company released an official statement, “due to the high impact of the challenging operating environment on our daily operations, the management of Aero Contractors Company of Nig. Ltd. wish to announce the temporary suspension of its scheduled passenger service operations with effect starting immediately”. In the statement they also addressed the issue of maintenance activities of Helicopter and Charter Services, Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) also known as AeroMRO and the Approved Training Organization (ATO), these will remain in place as scheduled maintenance requirements are being followed completely.

The safety of passengers and crew is always the top priority for airlines.

There are a number of operational environment challenges that an airline must contend with on a daily basis. The most significant of these is the need to maintain a high level of safety while also ensuring efficient and on-time operations. Other challenges include dealing with bad weather, managing aircraft maintenance, and dealing with customer complaints. The safety of passengers and crew is always the top priority for airlines, and they must adhere to a strict set of safety regulations. This can be challenging, as there are always new risks that need to be considered and new safety procedures that need to be put in place. In addition, the airline must also maintain a high level of efficiency in its operations, as delays and cancellations can lead to significant financial losses.

Aero has been in business for over 61 years and faces the possibility of having to permanently shut it doors. They have been struggling financially for several years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the situation. Aero has been working with the government to try to secure a Loan or bailout, but so far no agreement has been reached. If the airline is unable to secure the funding it needs, it will likely have to declare bankruptcy and cease operations. This would be a major blow to the aviation industry, as the airline is one of the largest in Nigeria.

Skyrocketing fuel prices, inflation and high maintenance costs.

Additional contributing factors to the airline not being able to keep up with the flights needed due to many factors, some being skyrocketing fuel prices, Inflation, high maintenance costs and the high foreign exchange rates, with these being some of the major components of airline operations. Aero is working diligently to restore normal services as soon as possible.

A rep from Aero confirmed that due to the fact that most of their aircrafts were undergoing maintenance, they would not be able to keep up with the demand of the services for the airline. This issue would result in the inability to provide non problematic and efficient services to their precious customers. Maintenance staff are working diligently to ensure the aircrafts are available as soon as possible to return to regularly scheduled flights. It is hoped that the airline will be fully functional within the next few weeks.

Operational support as well as commercial cooperation are needed.

There have been some changes in the aviation industry recently with the recent collaboration between some of the airlines to work together to provide better service levels. A commercial alliance that was formed starting with 6 airline carriers in Nigeria, this had them band together to improve the operational support as well as commercial cooperation to help improve the flight delays and cancellations. Air Peace, United Nigeria, MaxAirNigeria, Azman Air, Arik Air and United Nigeria all signed the agreement on March 8, 2022 in Lagos, with the hopes of Aero Contractors also joining in the future. More needs to be done still to improve overall airline services throughout Nigeria.


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