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Adeleke inaugurates transition committee

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By Timothy Akintola

Osun state governor-elect installs 37 member transition committee.

The just concluded governorship election in Osun State saw the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) formally declare the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, Ademola Adeleke, winner, where he defeated Gboyega Oyetola, the incumbent governor and candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC). Recall, Oyetola won against Adeleke in 2018, after the Independent Electoral Body declared the election inconclusive. This election which recorded a massive turnout of voters was an evident illustration of the willpower of the people towards demanding a fitted social change.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was reported to have been intimately keeping taps of the results of the election against it being tampered with, where they recalled the tricky situation of the previous election in 2018 that saw Adeleke lose to the incumbent governor, Oyetola, after a rerun even though reports pointed to him leading the APC candidate at the polls. While the governor-elect appreciated the contributors for his victory, he encouraged the electoral body to continue exhibiting transparency in its endeavors to ensure that the presence of free and fair elections.

Governor-elect installs committee to review the state’s current structures.

While the governor-elect, Ademola Adeleke is expected to be inaugurated on the 27th of November, he has however installed a transition committee that is saddled with the responsibility of evaluating the current structures in the state, so as to ease his government as he hits the ground running. Inaugurating this committee on Thursday, Adeleke urged them to work very hard with immense Innovation and be creative towards achieving their set objectives because the success of this committee will pivotally help the incoming government with important directives.

At the inaugural ceremony, Senator Adeleke asserted that the transition committee must help the incoming government in ascertaining the figures and facts of Osun state’s general state of affairs. The committee is to evaluate the state of Osun’s general finance, including the funds from federal allocations, grants and revenues generated internally, as well as other sources that fund the state’s finances. The committee is also charged with teaming up with individuals and groups in passing across information that is important for the socio-Economic Growth of the state.

Committee will also offer appropriate solutions to the governor-elect.

The committee will look to assessing the state’s debt and local government, bringing forward, the best possible ways for the repayment of these debts. It will also evaluate the structure of government in the state, while making the appropriate recommendations to the governor-elect. Reviewing the educational, agricultural and health sectors and finding possible solutions to salvaging the discrepancies that affects these sectors. The committee will also work with the incoming administration by proposing a feasible agenda and evaluating the state of the Osun’s labor force and welfarism, salary payment and gratuity.

In pointing out these tasks, Senator Adeleke stressed that the tasks were quite sensitive and time-bound. Thoughtfully, this transition committee will work with the current administration in reviewing the capital projects planned and commenced by the correct administration, so as to ascertain the stage of completion and providing a balanced projection of media for the incoming administration. It will also review the Security system in the state and work with Security Agencies on improving the security structure of the state.

Need for a mix of competent citizens in state affairs for the committee.

The governor-elect asserted that the establishment of this committee was heralded by his desire to make sure there is a mix of competent citizens in the affairs of the state. He further noted that the committee must help the incoming administration with practical and innovative approaches in salvaging the problems that Osun state is ravaged with, so as to ensure a seamless transition in governance. He also stated that by entrusting them with a huge task of transforming the situation in the state, the citizens of Osun expect so much from the incoming administration and with access to the needed skill sets, they are absolutely ready to meet the demands of the people.

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