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Abduction of traditional rulers in Imo State

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By Mercy Kelani

Ex-Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Imo has been abducted.

In a shocking incident, Eze Samuel Ohiri, the Traditional Ruler of Orodo Autonomous Community in Mbaitoli Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State, fell victim to a group of armed individuals who seized him within the confines of his own home on January 6, 2024. According to gathered information, a group of four individuals who were fully armed, arrived at the home of the ex-Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Imo State in a robust Toyota Highlander, colored in a vivid shade of green, according to report.

Audaciously, these group of individuals executed a precise and tactical operation, infiltrating the palace with unparalleled stealth. Their primary objective was to seize the esteemed traditional ruler, swiftly apprehending him. However, his cousin, an acquaintance accompanying him at the time, skillfully eluded their clutches and successfully evaded capture. Under the veil of anonymity, an inside informant disclosed that they forcefully embarked on a journey with the conventional ruler, placing him inside their vehicle as they made their way towards the Umuaka-Orlu Road.

Imo state is witnessing a distressing abduction pattern.

The authorities in Imo State have received confirmation of the reported abduction, as stated by ASP Henry Okoye, the spokesperson for the Police. An immediate investigation into the incident has been initiated by the command. A thorough examination is being conducted by law enforcement officials, who have initiated a comprehensive inquiry into the matter. To ensure the prompt rescue of the victim and the subsequent apprehension of the culprits, necessary measures have been implemented by the Police.

ASP Henry Okoye grimly declared that once the suspects were caught, they would be subjected to the merciless implications of the legal system. Imo state is witnessing a distressing pattern wherein the abduction and violent killing of traditional leaders has become an all too familiar event. On November 25, 2023, Eze Joe Achulor, the Traditional Ruler of Otulu Autonomous Community in Ezinihitte-Mbaise Local Government Area (LGA), fell victim to a group of armed individuals who abducted him using a method similar to the case of the recently abducted ruler.

Perpetrators of this heinous crime remain unknown.

On that very day Eze Joe Achulor was kidnapped, he was mercilessly murdered before his lifeless corpse was abandoned on Mbutu Road, a nearby neighbourhood within the Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area (LGA). Eze James Nnamdi (Mirioma), the Traditional Ruler of Ezuhu Umuamadi Nguru Autonomous Community in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area (LGA), fell victim to a horrific and fatal attack and was killed on July 17, 2023. The perpetrators of this heinous crime remain unknown.

Also, the traditional ruler’s palace was infiltrated by armed assailants who fired several shots at the traditional ruler. Victor Ijioma, the Traditional Ruler of Eziorsu Autonomous Community in Oguta Local Government Area (LGA), met his untimely demise at the hands of armed assailants on the fateful day of May 25, 2023. On that ill-fated day, when Ijioma was passing through Umuamaka Junction, a bullet pierced his body while he sat behind the steering wheel of his car.

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Before escaping the location of the murder, the attackers ignited a fire inside the vehicle, which engulfed the victim in flames and further led to his death. Nnenasa Community in Njaba Local Government Area (LGA) witnessed a tragic incident in October 2021, where the lives of three traditional rulers were mercilessly taken by armed assailants. During the very moment when the attackers launched their assault, the meeting of the conventional leaders was in progress.

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1 month ago

Abduction of traditional rulers in Imo State.Ex-Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Imo has been abducted.  – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The recurring abduction of traditional rulers in Imo State is deeply troubling. The recent incident involving Eze Samuel Ohiri adds to a distressing pattern of violence against our cultural leaders. It’s crucial for law enforcement to swiftly investigate, apprehend the culprits, and implement measures to ensure the safety of our traditional rulers. The government must address the rising insecurity, protecting those who play vital roles in our communities. This trend demands urgent and effective action for the well-being of our cultural heritage.

1 month ago

When things like these happen, it is quite depressing. Individuals’ safety and security should always come first, especially for community leaders. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety, I hope the authorities are acting quickly.

1 month ago

kidnapping of Imo State’s traditional leaders. The former chairman of Imo’s Council of Traditional Rulers has been kidnapped. In Imo, security guards ought to be on duty. Kidnapping is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as feasible until a solution is found.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I understand your concern about the recent abduction of the ex-Chairman of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Imo State. It’s truly a distressing situation when community leaders, who are meant to be the pillars of society, become victims of such heinous acts. Incidents like these not only pose a threat to the safety and security of individuals but also undermine the stability and trust within the community.
It is crucial for the authorities to take immediate action to ensure the safe return of the abducted traditional ruler and to bring the perpetrators to justice. This sends a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated and helps restore confidence in the leadership and security of the state.
In situations like these, it’s important for the government to work closely with law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, and local communities to gather information, investigate the incident thoroughly, and take appropriate measures to prevent future abductions. Enhancing security measures, increasing surveillance, and implementing effective intelligence networks can help in preventing such incidents and ensuring the safety of traditional rulers and the community as a whole.
It’s also essential for the government to engage in dialogue and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including traditional rulers, to address the root causes of such criminal activities. This may involve addressing social and economic issues, promoting community development, and providing support systems that discourage criminal behavior.
Ultimately, the safety and security of traditional rulers and the community depend on the collective efforts of the government, law enforcement agencies, and the active participation of the citizens. By working together, we can create a safer environment where traditional rulers can fulfill their roles in guiding and leading their communities without fear of abduction or harm.