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Youths urged to seize frontiers opportunities

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By Usman Oladimeji

Nigerians have much more to offer the world far beyond just music and art.

The Nigerian youths have been encouraged by experts in the country’s consortium New Media to seize the opportunities presented by the creator economy, paving the way to be self-employed while also contributing value to the global economy. At the same time, the experts also urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to strengthen Nigeria’s creator economy as another strategy towards addressing the country’s rising unemployment. This information was shared during a Digital Connect Conference, in Abuja, hosted by Young People Connect Africa (YPCA) to examine strategies to promote digital entrepreneurship and innovation to tackle the high unemployment rate.

This urge towards reducing Nigeria’s unemployment rate appears to be genuine as the country’s unemployment rate stood at 53 percent, the second highest number of unemployed youths worldwide after South Africa’s 61 percent, according to the Spectator Index’s list of 20-country youth unemployment published in April. According to John Obidi, a New Media Consultant based in Lagos and the founder of the business community HeadStart Africa, the spotlight concentration has largely been on individuals in making the New Media a top priority.

Global economy environment is quite accommodating.

Speaking on the theme “Hacking the Creator Economy,” Obidi stated that Nigerians have much more to offer the world far beyond just music and art by capitalizing on the burgeoning creator economy coupled with their creativity and diligence. He mentioned that back in the day, it was necessary to presume that all competent technological experts hailed in India. These realities, he added, have now reached Nigeria, noting that the country boasts an abundance of creative potential and is widely regarded as a musical and artistic powerhouse on the African continent.

Young people’s interest in the new media landscape might be piqued beyond the realm of entertainment. The global economy environment is quite accommodating so you don’t need to be capped in the Nigeria market only just because you are a Nigerian. This implies that you can be in Nigeria and still make a valuable trade with anyone across the globe. CEO of the School of Business and Career Excellence in Calabar, Julius Afolabi, said the Tinubu administration should inject more investment into digital infrastructure to develop an ideal environment that prevents brain drain.

Subpar infrastructure remains the challenges encountered.

He claimed that Nigerians figure among the intelligent and resourceful people. However, the issue has been the subpar infrastructure, but can be resolved by developing an environment prototype to deter people from moving out of the country. Salem King, a content producer and social media influencer stated that the country’s 40.72 percent internet penetration rate has much to be unraveled. He argued that the growing international popularity of Nigerian music can be heightened by increased government support for the creative sector.

One of the best ways to expand, generate real value, and establish thriving communities is through the use of social media. The global popularity of Nigerian music and movies is evidence of the growing interest in the country’s culture. In his view, King perceived that content creation is the next field to experience expansion. More stories will surface in Nigeria when the government changes its policies to encourage digital media and creative resources. Subsequently, interest in the country’s cultural offerings globally would surge, he said.

It is crucial that youth put more effort into telling the right stories.

Joseph Etim, YPCA lead strategist and the conference’s director, said it’s a shame fewer people talk about the country’s positive aspects. He claimed that the country’s image abroad may be improved by tapping into the full potential of social media. Etim argued that young Nigerians should accept responsibility for the impact their narratives have on the world’s opinion of their country. The more accurate narratives we spread, the more we can change the perspectives of others. For this reason, it is crucial that youth put more effort into telling the right stories just like the world will always do.

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