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Your 30 and want to run Nigeria

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Old enough to become the President, but not a Senator or Governor.

In 2018, Buhari lowered the required age limit to run for President to 30. This means that any Nigerian citizen who is 30 years or older can run for President. The decision was made in order to increase youth participation in the political process. It is hoped that by lowering the age limit, more young people will become interested in running for office and participating in the political process.

The age requirement for the House of Representatives was lowered from 30 to 25 by President Buhari. This was done in order to increase youth representation in the House. The hope is that with more young people in the House, the government will be more responsive to the needs of the youth. It is important to have young people in positions of power so that they can advocate for their own interests. Also anyone with presidential ambitions can gain experience by climbing up the ranks of government.

The Senate is a more powerful position than the governorship.

Buhari’s age requirement changes were made to address the concerns of young voters, but the governorship and Senate were both kept at 35 years. There could be a few reasons for this. First, the governorship is a more complex position than the Senate. It requires more experience and knowledge to be effective in the role. Second, the Senate is a more partisan position than the governorship. It can be more difficult to get things done in the Senate when there is a lot of partisan bickering. Finally, the Senate is a more powerful position than the governorship. It has more control over the government and can pass more Legislation.

The apparent suggestion of this action is that more experience is needed to gain a seat as the governor or Senate in Nigeria than is needed to be the President. This would mean that the President is a more junior position than either of the other two. Nigeria has a presidential system of government, so it would stand to reason that the President would be the most senior position in the country. This action would suggest that this is not the case.

Drop the age for Senate and Governor seats to 30.

Generally the presidency is more powerful than the senate. The president can veto legislation passed by the senate, while the senate cannot veto legislation passed by the president. The president also has the authority to appoint federal judges and members of the cabinet, while the senate does not have this authority. Finally, the president is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, while the senate does not have this authority.

The real reason it is set up this way is by design, true political power in Nigeria is longevity. Nigeria Governors are to serve a term of four years, after which they must stand for re-election in a general election. Senators have unlimited tenure, and can remain in the chamber for as long as they are re-elected. Dropping the age for Senate and Governor seats to 30 would show that true progress is being made with the issue of youth representation.

The youth are determined to take control of their own destiny.

The youth of Nigeria feel that it is their time to take over the reins of political power. They are dissatisfied with the status quo, and they are eager to make changes in their country. Many of them believe that the current leaders are corrupt and that they are not doing enough to improve the quality of life for the people of Nigeria. The youth are determined to take control of their own destiny, and they are working hard to make sure that their voices are heard. They are committed to creating a better future for their country, and they are determined to make a difference.


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