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Women empowerment will develop Nigeria

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By Mercy Kelani

First Lady urged women to play an active role in combating societal challenges.

The First Lady of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has stressed the need for women to ensure active participation in the development of the country. She likewise encouraged them to play an active role in combating societal challenges. This statement was made by the Senator during a courtesy visit by the minister of state police affairs, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim. The aim of the visit was to encourage top female police officers in the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and the management staff of the ministry.

Mrs. Tinubu expressed pride and excitement in the massive number of women that are involved in the security and policing of the country. Her excitement was expressed as she spoke on the commitment of the current administration to everyone, including women involved in the development of the nation. The minister of state police affairs was implored by the First Lady to ensure utilization of her office as minister to address and curb criminal happenings in the country.

Criminal activities should be curbed to witness growth in Nigeria.

Some of the prevalent illicit activities in the country that need to be addressed include human trafficking, baby factories, and organ harvesting. Sen. Oluremi Tinubu further stressed the significance of the empowerment of women to enable them to take the lead in combating societal ills and crimes. While empowering women, she said that it is necessary to ensure creation of a safe environment to foster their growth and development. She considered it a new dawn for Nigerian women.

This statement was made by Mrs. Tinubu because she believes that the current administration will provide women with more room to contribute towards the growth of the country. The First Lady asserted that she, herself, was finding ways to contribute her own quota too. She stated that it is impossible to have a country without new and great things being done by the people of the country. Criminal activities should be curbed to witness growth in Nigeria.

More women should occupy top-ranking positions.

She stated that children should be out of crime, rape of minors and children should be stopped, and there should be an end to abuse through maltreatment. She added that it is necessary that women take the lead in finding solutions to some of the aforementioned societal ills and crimes. Women must be able to thrive and receive empowerment in a safe environment. The Senator also hoped that more women would occupy top-ranking positions, which includes the post of the Inspector-General of police.

Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim also applauded the President’s wife for her committed efforts and advocacy in the advancement of the interests of women in the country. She also gave acknowledgment to the dedication of the police officers in the establishment of a benchmark for excellence. According to Ms. Sulaiman-Ibrahim, gender equality, empowerment of women, and safeguarding of human rights are significant to building a just and fair society. The minister said that the ministry was working on an initiative that aims at addressing challenges.

Sulaiman-Ibrahim is the first female minister of state for police affairs.

Also, this initiative will reshape the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) into a responsive, technology-driven, modern, and intelligence-led institution. The ministry recognizes the restrictions of past reforms and is now embarking on a more holistic and proactive transformation that will be responsible for all police operations. The minister further asserted that the achievement of these goals require collaboration as its collective advancement require partnership. Also, record has it that Ms. Sulaiman-Ibrahim is the first female minister of state for police affairs in Nigeria.

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