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Who is Ojei Princess Chichi of the APM party

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By Abiodun Okunloye

A finance specialist and only female aspirant for the 2023 presidential election.

Ojei Princess Chichi is an exceptional leader, businesswoman, and specialist in corporate finance, as well as the executive director of Nuel Ojei Holdings. The 44-year-old candidate hails from Delta state, where she attended several renowned institutions of higher learning. From spending her early life at the American International School of Lagos (AISL), which is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools in Nigeria, and also at Institute Le Rosey in Rolle, a private boarding school. She graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and also from Regents Business School with a Master of Business Administration.

She is the only woman among the 18 men running for political office of Nigeria’s President. She is the intelligent, well-educated, diligent, and self-reliant daughter of a billionaire and successful businessman. However, she maintains a low profile, which is a tendency that may have been passed down to her from her father, Emmanuel Ojei. While many rich Nigerian folks live luxurious lifestyles in the spotlight and heavily spend on their family members, Emmanuel Ojei chooses to work behind the scenes, spreading goodwill through several humanitarian endeavors. And much like her father, she had a life that was mostly concealed from the eyes of the public until she became involved in politics.

Dantalle’s withdrawal decision fueled her presidential aspiration.

As she began her career in politics, she initially emerged as a candidate for the vice presidency of the Allied Peoples’ Movement (APM), and then she became the party’s candidate for the presidency after Yusuf Mamman Dantalle, the chairman of the party withdrew from the race. For the 2023 elections, Dantalle announced that Princess Chichi Ojei had been enthusiastically picked to succeed him by the leadership of the party, a decision he claimed would put the party in a strong position to win. He had hoped that large numbers of members of the party, supporters, and young people in Nigeria would back her bid to become the nation’s first elected female president. Her running mate is Ibrahim Mohammed.

Furthermore, at the party’s national convention, which was held in Abuja, 28 new members of the National Working Committee (NWC) were chosen to run the party for the next 4 years. Alhaji Yusuf Mamman Dantalle, the National Chairman of APM, said in his acceptance speech that the new national officers were chosen based on the party’s Constitution, which was filed with INEC. He explained that the upcoming general election in 2023 offers another chance to save the country from ignorant governance. Saying that their party had qualified candidates running for many different offices. Collectively, they will restore the country, get students back in school, put young people to work, revitalize the economy, and cause the naira to rise in value consistently. Dantalle said that Nigerians would live in harmony as one nation.

Education and gender equality are core essentials of national development.

If she is successful in her bid for the presidency next year, Princess Chichi Ojei has pledged to make improving the conditions in which Nigeria’s teachers work one of her top priorities. This was part of Princess Ojei’s message to teachers for World Teachers Day 2022. She stated that their profession was essential to her success and promised to prioritize their well-being if she was elected president of Nigeria. The majority of people wouldn’t be who they are today if it weren’t for these incredible men and women who are the true heroes and heroines who helped trumpet and fully utilize their potential. She expresses her gratitude on a continual basis.

Moreso, in a recent statement commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child, Ojei asserts, If a man is trained, one train an individual, but training a woman is equivalent to training a nation. She noted that the country is predominantly male and that detrimental cultural customs have hindered progress and the empowerment of women and girls. It has been resolved by the women and girls of Nigeria that they will no longer tolerate repression from the patriarchal system that plagues the country. She added that t the old negative discourse regarding the girls and women in the country must end; they cannot continue to make the same errors and anticipate different outcomes. A better, more wealthy, safer, and more developed Nigeria can only be achieved by empowering women and girls.

Ojei hopes to bridge the gender gap in the country.

Despite the Nigeria’s ever-increasing population, women and young people have been marginalized in the country’s administration. Only a handful of women, including Sarah Jibril and Remi Sonaiya, have run for president since democracy was restored in 1999; neither of them has been elected, and even other women in the country did not support them. Ojei, on the other hand, is optimistic that the gap can be closed by 2023. Also, Dantalle, when speaking on his withdrawal, added that the current state of affairs in the country necessitates a woman’s level of competence, intelligence, versatility, determination, and political sagacity. He went on to say that the APM’s presidential candidate is capable of handling the job, and he hoped that many Nigerians would mobilize behind her.

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