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Welcome Back – Ask Nigeria website V2.0

Welcome Back – Ask Nigeria website V2.0
Photo by Octavian Dan- Ask Nigeria

Ask Nigeria is back with various options including Polls, Quizzes, Classifieds, PM, Local News Groups.

Ask Nigeria is back.  We have implemented a large update for our website functions, user options and overall appearance.  You now have access to various options including Polls, Quizzes, Classifieds, Private Messaging, Groups, Photo Gallery and User Stories Features to name a few.

We have extended your user profile to allow you to interact with these new options and use them to your advantage.  All of our features are free to use, we do not charge for our services.  You can control your privacy settings directly from your user account, but default settings are on to get you started, this keeps private information hidden from other users.

Once your profile is setup you can begin searching and adding friends, information will be displayed on your activity page.  Your State News Group has been activated, you can choose to add additional News Groups to get local news in other states of interest.  This can in addition put you in touch with members in those selected states, or you can choose to just read the news.

Your collect points for interacting with certain elements on our website, you can see your point balance in your Account Settings.  We hope you enjoy using our services and look forward to seeing you online.

Thank-you  –  The Ask Nigeria Team

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