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Visa new report unveil SMEs trends in Nigeria

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By Usman Oladimeji

SMEs are increasingly motivated to establish an online footprint.

A recent research report by Visa titled ‘SME Megatrends report’, explores the changing financial environment trends for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. The study highlights promising chances for development and creativity, especially in the digital and financial sectors, providing valuable insights that issuing banks can use to discover fresh Revenue prospects and stand out in a competitive market. As the business landscape in Nigeria is rapidly evolving, small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly motivated to establish their online footprint, while the increasing popularity of e-wallets is fuelling the digitization of business transactions.

At the same time, SMEs are increasingly being compelled to adopt user-friendly tools that can facilitate their online process and enhance their e-commerce capabilities in order to connect with new customers. Yet, many SMEs lack adequate funding and banking support, necessitating access to structured credit in order to grow their operations and address daily financial challenges. The fast-growing use of digital Technology among small and medium-sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa is creating numerous chances for banks to increase their profits. By providing easy access to necessary financial services, banks can attract more customers, boost the number of transactions, and improve their earnings in the digital payments space.

Addressing funding barriers hindering SME growth.

Through collaboration with Visa, banks have the opportunity to create specialized financial solutions that cater to the specific requirements of small and medium enterprises, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and dynamic economic landscape. Andrew Uaboi, the Vice President and Head of Visa West Africa, highlighted Visa’s commitment to helping issuing banks unlock the extensive opportunities for small and medium enterprises financing. By addressing the funding barriers hindering small businesses growth, Visa aims to turn obstacles into actionable opportunities. Uaboi believes that the SME Megatrends report will equip banks with valuable insights to elevate their services and support small businesses effectively.

By teaming up with these banks strategically, Visa is committed to providing the necessary resources for creating customized financial solutions that cater to the unique requirements of small enterprises. The report also acts as a valuable instrument for card issuers to gain insight into the needs of small businesses and devise effective strategies to personalize their products for this particular customer base. The report emphasizes Visa’s dedication to helping small and medium-sized enterprises thrive in the Digital Economy, creating a strong and beneficial business environment for everyone involved.

Small enterprises are utilizing efficient tools.

The report further highlights some facts within Nigeria’s SMEs landscape revealing that many small businesses in the country heavily depend on personal loans and informal credit due to challenges and strict criteria for obtaining loans from traditional banks and other formal financial institutions. The digital advertising sector in Nigeria is rapidly advancing, fuelling the expansion of e-commerce and digital payment platforms. Small and medium-sized enterprises are utilizing efficient tools to create a presence online, boosting competitiveness and sales. E-Wallets are fostering connections between consumers and businesses, paving the way for increased adoption of digital and card payments within SMEs.

It was also reported that the increasing use of mobile phones and the Internet in Nigeria is leading to a rising interest among small and medium-sized enterprises to establish themselves online and engage in e-commerce to connect with a larger customer base. As digital transactions become more prevalent, small businesses will seek out efficient tools for quicker payment processing. Small and medium-sized enterprises are seeing a rise in investments towards digitization tools as the emergence of a thriving Fintech industry is introducing innovative tools tailored specifically for local markets.

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Recognizing the importance of small and medium enterprises in boosting the economy, Visa is dedicated to helping them thrive in the Digital Age. By partnering with banks and offering a range of cutting-edge services, Visa is working to make sure small businesses have the tools and support they need to succeed in the digital world. The firm is actively working to help small and medium-sized enterprises by identifying ways for financial institutions to offer them essential products and services. This partnership aims to stimulate Economic Growth and support the growth of SMEs, leading to overall prosperity and significant advantages for the economy.


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