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Unemployed Nigerian Surgeon turns to crime

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Frustrations about employment and opportunity was a factor with his decisions.

An American trained surgeon has been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment in Nigeria without an option of fine, after being found guilty of conspiracy and obtaining by false pretense. This penalty is in line with the severity of the crime and is meant to serve as a deterrent to others who may consider committing similar offences.

John Adindu Nweke has been convicted after claiming to be a Senator (Sokoto State) and laundering money. He is a criminal who committed a crime between April and May of 2015. The prosecutor, Emmanuel Jackson, is a chief Superintendent of police (CSP) who is in charge of the legal department (PSFU). Mr Jackson, is responsible for ensuring that justice is served in this case. Nweke will be punished for his crimes, and it’s a steep price to pay for stealing these phones.

He claims he became frustrated when he could not get a job in Nigeria.

Fraudsters have been caught trying to Scam Konga Online Shopping Limited by returning of dud cheques and receiving phones that they never paid for. This type of Scam is often pulled off by fraudsters when Konga Online Shopping Limited returned a NSF cheque that was never meant to be cashed in the first place, or by the fraudsters receiving  phones that was never paid for. In either case, the fraudster is attempting to take advantage of the fact that Konga Online Shopping Limited may not be able to track them down and demand repayment.

Nweke, a Nigerian medical doctor and surgeon who was trained in America, pleads to the court for mercy after being found guilty. He claims he became frustrated when he could not get a job in Nigeria after his training, and turned to crime. It is understandable that he may have become frustrated with the job market in Nigeria, but his decision to rob people is not justified. He should have looked for other ways to make money, instead of resorting to crime.

A total of 7 years and 20 years in prison.

The convict begged the court for a second chance, as he had learned his lesson the hard way. His lawyer also joined in to plead for mercy on behalf of his client. The convict had been caught stealing, and knew that he would be punished severely if he was found guilty. He had learned his lesson, and was sorry for his actions.

Nweke was sentenced to 7 and 20 years imprisonment for conspiracy and obtaining by false pretense. The sentences are to run concurrently and commenced from the day he was first arrested. This means that the convict will spend a total of 7 and 20 years in prison(27 years in total). The sentences are to run concurrently, which means that they will be served at the same time. The sentences commenced from the day he was first arrested, which means that he has already served some time in prison.

NSF cheques is also contributing to the country’s high levels of inflation.

The amount of NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques coming out of Nigeria is increasing, as the Nigerian Economy continues to struggle. This is causing significant financial problems for banks in Nigeria, as well as for businesses that rely on cheques to conduct transactions. The rise in NSF cheques is also contributing to the country’s high levels of Inflation.

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