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Ukraine sends Nigeria 25,000 tons of grain

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Global food shortage from Russia invasion of Ukraine will be alleviated.

Ukraine is making arrangements to transport 25,000 tons of grain from Türkiye Samsun port to Nigeria as a contribution to the esteemed Black Sea grain agreement. This initiative was established back in July 2022 to alleviate the global food shortage that emerged following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a bordering nation and prominent grain supplier. Ukraine ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, announced on Monday that the grain is currently in Turkey with the support of the United Nations World Food Program, as he emphasised in his statement.

Also. the Ukrainian government put forth suggestions to Ankara in September 2023, as conveyed by the envoy. They aimed to revitalise the grain corridor exclusively with Ankara, sidestepping Russia. This approach became feasible since there were no limitations on exporting goods for vessels traversing the humanitarian corridor. Thus, under the Black Sea Grain Initiative, these shipments of bulk grain originated from a Ukrainian port. Bodnar revealed that the custody of the item has now been transferred to Turkey and falls under the protective care of the United Nations’ World Food Program.

UN World Food Program facilitates the food initiative.

They realise the importance of collaborating with the World Food Program to provide grains to nations like Nigeria. Upon inspecting both the port and the Fuat Sezgin ship, which was designated to transport the goods to Nigeria, the diplomat indicated that an additional 60 vessels were scheduled for dispatch from various ports. The implementation of this project will occur when the grain is consumed, whether it is sourced from Turkish ports or from its current storage locations in other ports.

The UN World Food Program acts as the main facilitator, utilising the opportunity to transport goods either from Ukrainian ports or from various locations such as Türkiye or other countries where they have been procured or stored. Spain, frequently cited as a favoured destination for Ukrainian grain, is notably discussed. Tolga Özal, the captain of the ship, revealed more information regarding the shipment’s timeline, stating that Nigeria can expect the cargo to reach its shores approximately one month from now.

Essential movement from Ukraine to various nations is enabled.

About 25,000 tons of grain will be loaded onto the vessel in about ten days. Once successfully loaded, the ship shall commence its voyage towards the Nigerian coast. However, the anticipated duration of this venture, around twenty days, may be subject to varying climatic circumstances, as mentioned by Özal. July 2023 witnessed the Russian government abruptly terminating its involvement in an agreement that permitted the transportation of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea, disregarding an ongoing blockade during wartime. The Black Sea agreement held immense significance as it secured the essential movement of sustenance from Ukraine to various nations, notably in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

In a similar report, during a visit to Nigeria, British Foreign Minister James Cleverly announced a new aid package aimed at enhancing the resilience of the country’s agriculture sector in response to climate challenges. According to the government, a substantial aid package will be provided to Nigeria. This package encompasses a contract worth 55 million pounds aimed at revolutionising the rural economy of the country. Additionally, there will also be a grant of 2.9 million pounds directed towards aiding over 4 million individuals in embracing and expanding sustainable agricultural practices.

Majority of individuals in Africa face the brunt of climate change impacts.

Lastly, Cleverly emphasised the joint efforts aimed at preparing for the future through the implementation of environmentally friendly initiatives in agriculture and infrastructure. These endeavours aim to devise climate-resilient solutions, tackling the current global challenges and those that will arise in the future. The vast majority of individuals residing in the most heavily populated country in Africa continue to reside in rural locations, where they face the brunt of climate change impacts, particularly in the form of prolonged droughts and destructive floods. These adversities have significantly disrupted their means of subsistence.

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2 months ago

Ukraine sends Nigeria 25,000 tons of grain.Global food shortage from Russia invasion of Ukraine will be alleviated. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

25,000 tons of grain are sent by Ukraine to Nigeria. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia will lessen the global food deficit.We are grateful to Ukraine for this generous gift of tons of grain. It will assist in lessening the nation’s food supply deficit.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s great news! The fact that Ukraine is sending Nigeria 25,000 tons of grain is a significant gesture of support and solidarity. The global food shortage caused by the Russia invasion of Ukraine has created immense challenges for many countries, including Nigeria. This generous act by Ukraine will undoubtedly help alleviate the pressure on food supplies and provide much-needed relief to those affected by the crisis.
In times of crisis, international cooperation and assistance are crucial. Ukraine’s decision to send such a substantial amount of grain demonstrates the importance of countries coming together to support one another in times of need. It highlights the power of solidarity and the willingness of nations to extend a helping hand to those facing difficulties.
Access to an adequate food supply is a fundamental human right, and it is heartening to see countries taking steps to address the global food shortage caused by the conflict. This act of generosity from Ukraine not only provides immediate relief but also serves as a reminder of the importance of international collaboration and support in times of crisis.
It is my hope that this assistance from Ukraine will make a significant impact in alleviating the food shortage and ensuring that people have access to the nourishment they need. Let’s continue to stand together and support one another during these challenging times. 🌾🤝

2 months ago

The grain transport from Ukraine to Nigeria will undoubtedly contribute to reducing the food scarcity that the Russian invasion has produced worldwide. It is nice to observe nations assisting one another during difficult times. This action will contributes to food security but also fortifies international ties.In addition to offering instant assistance, Ukraine’s kind gesture serves as an example of the value of international cooperation.

2 months ago

The grain shipment from Ukraine brings hope amid global challenges. The aid package from the UK is appreciated, especially its focus on enhancing agriculture resilience in response to our climate challenges. It’s a positive step towards supporting sustainable practices and preparing for the future.