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UK firm to hone remote workforce in Nigeria

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

Stakeholders, local communities, others will benefit from the program.

Caroline Lucas, the Director of Special Projects at TEXEM UK, has called on Nigerian leaders and chief executive officers, urging them to leverage their remote workforce effectively to enhance productivity in the year 2024. In line with this, TEXEM UK plans to facilitate a unique hybrid program that caters to leaders both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. This visionary approach aims to foster success by fostering collaboration and innovation across borders. The program tagged ‘Pioneering Enduring Legacies: Harnessing Effective Leadership in a Distributed World’ aims to be instrumental in equipping organizations to navigate in remote leadership amidst a dynamic work landscape.

The program highlights the significance of trust, productivity enhancement, and effective leadership communication. It focuses on uplifting morale and maximize performance. Moreover, it motivates leaders to explore novel approaches to strengthen their organizations’ competitiveness by optimizing their remote staff. By acquiring enhanced skills in remote leadership, the program contributes significantly to improved employee retention and cost-saving measures for businesses. She further mentioned that the event scheduled for 25-27 of March would bring about an enhancement in organizational adaptability, thus ensuring long-term prosperity and endurance.

Participants will enjoy two days of intensive training.

Through this program, you will experience a remarkable journey of self-exploration, teamwork, and personal growth. It also presents a one-of-a-kind hybrid alternative, merging virtual sessions with an enriching three-day UK immersion experience. During this immersive experience, participants will enjoy a day of sightseeing and two days of intensive training, fostering a truly transformative learning experience. Lucas mentioned that TEXEM will utilize its tested and validated approach, which incorporates real-life scenarios, in order to motivate participants to boost their mental capabilities, elevate their critical thinking, enhance their ability to assess situations, and equip them with valuable tools to navigate uncertainty more effectively.

According to the director, the programme offers a multitude of advantages to stakeholders, customers, local communities, suppliers, and various other individuals. The incorporation of virtual engagement, encourages collaboration among stakeholders, ultimately resulting in enhanced decision-making. Additionally, it offers financial efficiency for both bottom and top lines, owing to reduced travel and operational costs, resulting in cost savings. She said heightened productivity is expected as virtual interactions commonly result in meetings that are more concentrated and effective.

Remote engagement can boost job satisfaction for employees.

Lucas mentioned that virtual engagement provides a significant advantage to extend reach globally, enabling stakeholders from all over the world to participate and opening up new market possibilities. This also means that we can quickly respond to market changes by collaborating virtually, which helps us adapt to challenging times more easily. Additionally, remote engagement can boost job satisfaction for employees, leading to better employee retention rates and reduced turnover costs. Virtual interactions allow for flexible scheduling, accommodating individuals in diverse time zones.

Virtual platforms also have the ability to inspire inventive thinking and drive innovation among stakeholders. She pointed out that reduced travel through virtual engagement not only aligns with sustainability objectives but also leads to a smaller carbon footprint. Furthermore, virtual engagement allows organizations to expand their operations without the need for substantial investments in infrastructure. By leveraging virtual tools, data-driven decisions can be made as these tools offer data analytics, thus enabling informed decision-making that benefits both the financial and operational aspects of a business.

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She highlighted additional advantages such as the ability to withstand crises, improvement in brand image, easy accessibility, and flexibility. By the completion of the program, participants will acquire exceptional abilities that will enable them to comprehend and handle human resources more effectively within their organization, especially in decentralized work settings. Esteemed professors are anticipated to present their research papers during the program including Prof. Roger Delves, Professor of Practice in Leadership, and Associate Dean Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School. Another notable member of the faculty is Amb. Charles Crawford, co-founder of The Ambassador Partnership LLP, renowned for his specialization in communication, negotiation, and public speaking skills.

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1 month ago

UK firm to hone remote workforce in Nigeria.Stakeholders, local communities, others will benefit from the program. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

Exciting to see TEXEM UK’s initiative for a hybrid program on remote work in Nigeria. The focus on effective leadership, collaboration, and innovation is crucial for boosting productivity in 2024. The program’s unique approach, blending virtual sessions with a UK immersion experience, promises a transformative learning journey. This not only benefits organizations but also stakeholders, local communities, and individuals through enhanced decision-making, financial efficiency, and job satisfaction. Looking forward to the positive impact on leadership skills and adaptability in our work landscape.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

The initiative by the UK firm to hone the remote workforce in Nigeria sounds really promising. It’s great to see stakeholders, local communities, and others benefiting from this program. Remote work has become increasingly important in today’s globalized world, and it offers opportunities for individuals to work flexibly and access job opportunities regardless of their location. Developing the remote workforce in Nigeria can lead to economic growth, increased employment, and skill development. Let’s hope this program brings positive outcomes and empowers individuals to thrive in the evolving work landscape. 🌍💼👩‍💻

1 month ago

It’s wonderful to learn that a UK company is working to improve the remote workforce in Nigeria. Stakeholders, nearby communities, and other parties involved may gain from this program. Opportunities for economic growth and skill development are attractive.Growing Nigeria’s remote workforce can result in higher employment, economic expansion, and improving our skills.

1 month ago

Nigerian remote workers will be trained by a UK company. The initiative will be advantageous to stakeholders, nearby communities, and others. Through cross-border cooperation and innovation, this innovative strategy seeks to promote success.intends to play a significant role in providing firms with the tools they need to manage remote leadership in a changing workplace environment.