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Uganda has exciting tourism attractions

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By Mercy Kelani

For this reason, it has been regarded as the Pearl of Africa since 1908.

A team from the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), led by the board Market Destination Representative, Anthony Ochieng, visited Nigeria for the promotion of Uganda’s tourism potential and destinations for tourists. The team was in attendance for the Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP) tourism conference and yearly general meeting, and awards and dinner night which took place in Ado Ekiti State, between July 13 and 16. Ochieng affirmed that the country has stunning sceneries, sacred sites, bubbling nightlife and amazing culture.

These intriguing sights, including enthralling wildlife, are present in the country’s national parks, mountains, eco-tourism, and many other tourist attractions. Ochieng added that some of the most sought-after species in Africa reside in Uganda; some of them are chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. Also, eleven percent of bird species in the world, and rare ones like the shoebill, can be found in Uganda. This beautiful country has maintained its position as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ since United Kingdom statesman and Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, coined the name in 1908.

It has become Africa’s most exciting and desired travel destination.

This name, according to the lead of the team, portrays the beauty, natural wealth, and variety of Uganda. Being the pearl of Africa, it has become the most exciting and desired travel destinations in Africa, proving to be a harbourer of all that is precious, rare, and beautiful in the African continent. The country also serves as a destination for faith-based tourism, with intriguing sights like the Bahai Temple, and the Ugandan Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo. UTB is keen on marketing this particular tourist attraction as it is one of its major targets.

In the past, pilgrims travelled to Uganda to witness its Martyrs celebration that takes place annually on June 3rd. Ochieng added that statistics have revealed that the major religious stakeholders in Nigeria are Catholics and Anglicans. In his speech, Donald Musobozi, a team member of UTB, stated that Nigeria is a major market on the continent. He further asserted that it was high time Africans started patronising their fellow Africans; while expanding their knowledge of various African cultures, which will pave the way for increased business opportunities among fellow African countries.

The country hosts Africa’s largest music festival.

Musobozi added that Uganda is located in the East Africa region, with a population of 49,6 million, and total land mass of 241,038 square kilometers — 93,065 square meters. A massive portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Tanzania and Kenya, makes up the southern part of the country. Also, Uganda was named after the Buganda kingdom which covers a huge portion of the country’s south, including Kampala, its capital. Luganda, the country’s language, is widely spoken all over the country, alongside English, which has been the official language since 1962.

Furthermore, the African country is the fourth most culturally diverse country across the world and the third most open country in Africa, regarding visa access. The country also boasts of its organisation of Africa’s largest music festival and amazing night life. Its bustling music industry plays a significant role in her economic and social lives of its citizens. It occupies the third rank in music and entertainment across Africa. It hosts the biggest festival in Africa, called Nyege Nyege — gotten from Swahili — which means respect, peace and abundance.

Endangered chimpanzees & mountain gorillas are housed in Uganda.

Additionally, the country’s recognition as the Pearl of Africa is attributed to its lush forest, untamed savannahs, breath-taking waterfalls and peaceful lakeshores. It has mango, banana, jackfruit trees, and rolling hills which accommodate tea and coffee plantations. The country’s greenery, coupled with red fertile soil and dense jungles, is a wild sanctuary for endangered chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. As a result, it is one of the three countries across the globe that permits people to join mountain gorillas in their natural habitat as it houses the highest number of them.

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