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Traditional rulers to get constitutional role

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The Green Chamber will see to it since they play an important part in society.

Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has stated that the Green Chamber will endeavour to establish constitutional roles for traditional rulers. Hon. Abbas maintained this was essential because traditional rulers play such an important part in modern society. According to a statement released to the press by Musa Kirishi, his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, the Speaker made his first trip to Zaria after becoming Speaker on June 13 and discussed at the palace of the Emir of Zazzau, His Royal Highness, Ambassador Ahmed Bamalli.

Hon. Abbas, who is honoured with the traditional title of Iyan Zazzau, was welcomed by a massive audience in Zaria, where they sang songs of celebration in his honour for being the city’s Number 4 citizen. The Speaker, who is serving his fourth term representing the Zaria Federal Constituency, began by paying his respects at the emir’s palace, where he spoke of the value of traditional institutions and advocated for their inclusion in Nigeria’s Constitution of 1999. Also, over fifty members of the House, representing all regions and political parties, accompany him.

He hopes to gain the support of all the North traditional institutions.

Also, the Speaker expressed his gratitude to the people of Zaria for choosing him to represent them and thanked his colleagues in the House for their overwhelming support. He added that one of the reasons for his visit was to ask for everyone’s well wishes and prayers for his term in office. He encouraged prayer for them to be effective leaders who fulfil their duties. Three years ago, at the zonal hearings on amendments to the constitution, he said, they spoke in favour of giving traditional rulers constitutional roles.

Continuing on, he reassured them that the time had come for them to seize the chance. Now that one of their own is the Speaker, they will reconsider the idea so that their traditional rulers can play legally recognised responsibilities under the constitution. They hope to gain the support of all the North traditional institutions, as well as the rest of the country, while they are in town. They are also requesting people’s advice on how to improve the way they lead. He hoped to gain the backing of the Zazzau Emir and the Emirate people. He also expresses appreciation for the turnout and the Emir for granting them a meeting.

Many prominent people have emerged from the region.

In his speech, Emir Bamalli reflected on the many natives of Zaria who had served in prominent national roles before Abbas’s election as Speaker of the House. The Emir of Zazzau has expressed the gratitude of his entire population. There has been a long history of prominent Zazzau citizens in this country. They have Yakubu Gowon, who served in that capacity as President of the country; Namadi Sambo, who served as the country’s Vice President, and they’ve elected a Speaker. They also had ministers, ambassadors, and other high-ranking officials.

Since 1999, Zaria residents have actively participated in politics, the Emir states, and the Emirate has made significant efforts to maintain peace and order. He recalled that when the late Emir Jaafaru was in power, he set up the conditions for politics to grow in the country. The stability and progress of the nation’s politics owe a great deal to the work of the country’s traditional institutions. All people there are members of the traditional institution in some way. Regrettably, after a politician is elected, they are rarely seen again by their people, but the pleasant reality is that they can’t escape returning to the traditional foundation.

Rulers want their bill to be passed unopposed.

However, he explained that the Politicians are worried that they want a new government tier, which is not true. They’ve made their case and laid it out on multiple fronts. Emir Bamalli said that the legislation is delayed despite meeting with the then Chief of Staff, the Senate President, and the Speaker of the House. Since all they want is for the bill to be passed unchallenged, the Emir urged lawmakers to pick up the bill again and give it another try. They anticipate a swift review by the legislature. Zazzau’s Emir congratulated the Speaker and his colleagues for paying him a visit and voiced his expectation that they would give an act.

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