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Tinubu urged to support cocoa initiative

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By Usman Oladimeji

Cocoa industry has huge potential to improve Nigeria economy.

The Yoruba Elites in Politics, a social and political organisation, has urged President Bola Tinubu to put the cocoa revolution at the top of his agenda to aid in economic revival. Also, the Yoruba political group highlighted the importance of the cocoa sector, pointing out that it has tremendous potential to improve Nigerian economy and lessen the prevalence of poverty. In a statement from the organisation, signed by the national president Comrade Olaposi Oginni and released to the media on Monday, Oginni argued that the industry will be instrumental in helping the Tinubu-led administration achieve its goals of economic recovery and poverty reduction.

Oginni, while congratulating the president on his victory verdict from the Supreme Court, stated that there is a need for the administration to involve important players from different political parties in the process of the country’s economic recovery. Oginni emphasized that the cocoa industry poses the potential to create millions of jobs and earn billions of dollars in revenue. He also mentioned that the organisation would soon launch a program dubbed “Cocoa Revolution” across the six southwest states.

President urged to move swiftly in restoring the economy.

Thus, he advocated for the president’s backing of the program by enacting regulations that promote domestic cocoa processing and the creation of high-value goods. He continued, “Now that litigations have been settled, we Yoruba Elites in Politics are urging our president to move swiftly to restore the nation’s economy.” We’re all aware of the difficulties that lay ahead, but President Tinubu put in the work to get here and it’s the responsibility saddled on him.

Furthermore, the organization urged President Tinubu to look ahead and include the key opposition political parties in order to make this work more effortlessly and speed up Nigeria economic recovery. The public will respond by offering suggestions for reviving the economy. It will also be brought on board based on its ability to get Nigeria back on its feet rather than on political favouritism. He explained that his organisation was reviving an old idea that had made all of western Nigeria the pride during the tenure of Obafemi Awolowo.

Encouraging cultivation would have a great deal.

He said “so we’re going back to the drawing board to initiate what we’re calling the “cocoa revolution,” and we’re going to do it in all six of Nigeria southwest states. Oginni stated that bolstering farmer incomes and encouraging widespread cocoa cultivation would have a great deal in enhancing the country’s economy and currency. For economic revival, he said, they need the President to back a movement centered on the beans. In his view, the western region of Nigeria flourished under Obafemi Awolowo because of the programs that could be successfully implemented in the Southwest Nigeria

Broad-based education was the first change made. The late Awolowo’s administration anchored its power structure around the sales, and the wealth generated from the sector was used in funding free education which even the majority of our leaders, elders, and the president benefited from. Putting more focus on the evolution of cocoa is crucial for the revival of our economy and strengthening our currency. Oginni said the group urges the president to keep an eye out for 10,000 aspiring farmers and provide them with support. We still have time to try again. Nigeria has the potential to once again flourish and become great, he added.

CFAN committed to collaborate with the president.

Many farmers had high hopes for Tinubu’s administration after he was elected. Previously, the Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN) had made a commitment to collaborate with Tinubu to revitalize the cocoa industry, enact necessary legislation, and return the commodity to its due place in the global market. The Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria has set a goal, as of last year, of producing half a million tons of cocoa beans within the next two years, which would make Nigeria the largest producer in West Africa.

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