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Tinubu plans special force for solid mineral

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By Mercy Kelani

They will play crucial roles in collaborating with security agencies for safety.

In a surprising revelation, President Bola Tinubu revealed on January 12, 2024, his government’s contemplation of employing Forest guards as a strategic response to the menacing Security concerns that currently plague the entire nation. During the interaction with the Progressive Governors’ Forum (PGF) at the State House in Abuja, the President emphasized the significance of the forthcoming forest guards. These guards, once deployed, will play a crucial role in collaborating with various Security Agencies to safeguard Nigeria against any threats to its security. He claimed that Nigeria was contemplating the deployment of forest guards in order to enhance security. This would involve providing them with improved training, state-of-the-art technological devices, and advanced weapons.

Special police will be tasked with ensuring the security of not only the solid Mineral and marine economic sectors, but also, according to President Tinubu, of these domains. In asserting the need for a marine police force, he emphasized the significance of the nation’s expansive marine economy, expressing his belief that every reason exists for its establishment. Furthermore, he proposed a similar security measure for solid minerals to deter scavengers. With a resolute commitment to safeguarding these assets, he declared his readiness to invest in security measures. Moreover, he outlined plans to acquire and store Nigeria’s own minerals, particularly gold, which will significantly contribute to enhancing its foreign exchange reserve.

Nigeria is not a nation plagued by misfortune.

Furthermore, he took advantage of the occasion to fervently urge governors who were elected under the All Progressives Congress (APC) banner to construct and execute policies that place all Nigerians at the forefront, constantly keeping the country’s best interests in mind rather than partisan connections. According to the President, the true significance of development policies lies in their ability to encompass inclusivity, ownership, and sustainability, resonating in the lives of people. During a meeting with the governors, President Tinubu expressed concerns over the nation’s divisiveness, considering it to be one of the most significant hurdles. However, he firmly emphasized the necessity of the governing party’s commitment to mending these divisions and fostering unity within the country. To achieve this goal, he highlighted the importance of establishing a shared national vision and directing both effort and resources towards the constructive task of nation-building.

He declared that it is within one’s power to persuade individuals. One possesses the ability to entice others to align with their perspective. According to the President, Nigeria possesses an abundance of human, natural, and material resources, which indicates that the country should not be experiencing any difficulties in terms of lacking quality infrastructure, education, and top-notch health facilities. In his statement, he highlighted the profound restructuring that would take place within the nation’s financial system, aiming to foster a Culture of inclusiveness while maximizing both effectiveness and efficiency. According to the President, the country is not suffering from Poverty without any justifiable cause. By reflecting on the past, current situation, and the reasons behind the deteriorating state of the infrastructure, inadequate education, and insufficient healthcare facilities, it becomes evident that Nigeria is not a nation plagued by misfortune, but rather one bestowed with blessings.

Tackling the issue of school-age children being out of school.

President Tinubu instructed the governors to devise a plan that would enhance and ensure the successful execution of the school-feeding initiative in all states of the federation. He emphasized the importance of accounting for the unique characteristics of each locality while aiming for universal enrollment of all children in schools. Taking the Education crisis into account, it is crucial to tackle the issue of school-age children being out of educational institutions. A solution lies in the active participation of every governor, regardless of their political affiliation, in the initiative of providing meals at schools. He urged them to truly prioritize this matter and understand its significance.

Viewing children merely as statistical data is inadequate. Instead, they should gauge their success by the children’s triumphant return to their educational environments. When evaluating economic progress, they ought to consider its impact on enhancing value and granting individuals agency. To explore effective strategies, it would be prudent to establish a dedicated committee. Personally, the President is prepared to make investments towards implementing school feeding programs. The school-feeding program was praised by President Tinubu, who believes it will boost investments in agriculture, specifically in Livestock farming and dairy. He mentioned that Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, the former Kano State Governor and APC Chairman, has already prepared a proposal that will be shared for feedback and execution.

Reviving irrigation systems to ensure continuous crop cultivation.

Additionally, President Tinubu expressed his admiration for Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State, commending his efforts in reviving Irrigation systems that ensure continuous crop cultivation throughout the year. Senator Hope Uzodinma, Governor of Imo State and Chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum, expressed his appreciation to the President for ensuring that governors were actively engaged in policy creation and execution. The senator also extended his gratitude for the President’s timely financial assistance to the states. Uzodinma spoke assuredly, expressing that their unwavering commitment to assist the president remains unyielding, whether it be as his proficient advocates, eager advocates, or competent advocates.


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