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The YOE program to help youth succeed

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By Dawn

Students need critical skills before seeking employment opportunities in Nigeria.

It is essential for fresh graduates to develop critical thinking, proper communication, and structural problem solving skills before entering the Nigerian workplace. These skills will help them to be successful in their chosen career. EnterpriseNGR’s Youth of Enterprise internship program helps young graduates to improve their skill sets, professional competence, and employability. The program seeks to reach 5,000 young graduates annually, and help them to be successful in their chosen career.

The Youth Opportunities in Employment (YOE) program is designed to provide young people with the skills and training they need to be successful in the workplace. These skills include teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Juliet Amammah, from Jumia Group, believes that this is essential for the success of young people in the workplace. She goes on to say that the ability to communicate effectively, work well in a team and solve problems are essential skills for any workplace. However, these skills are often not taught in formal Education settings. As a result, many young people are not prepared for the workplace and are unable to find jobs.

Many young people lack the skills needed to get a job.

With the rich Curriculum, designed and enabled by PwC, it helps participants gain the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career. The curriculum is designed to bridge the skills gap and position young people for success in the workplace. The program is a great way for young people to gain the skills and training they need to be successfully employed. There are many students that have knowledge and training in a specific areas, but have no workplace experience.

The high Unemployment rate among young people in Nigeria is a major concern. The lack of employability skills and job opportunities is the main reason for this. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has reported that the unemployment rate for young people in Nigeria is 42 percent. This is a serious issue because it means that a large portion of the population is not able to contribute to the Economy. There are several reasons why the unemployment rate is so high. One reason is that many young people do not have the skills that are needed to get a job. Another reason is that there are not enough job opportunities.

Focusing on preparing youth for the workplace from a young age.

As digital Technology continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly important for people to have at least basic skills in operating computers and using software. However, a recent survey by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics shows that only 45 percent of Nigerian youths have such skills. This means that the remaining 55 percent are at a disadvantage in terms of understanding and using technology. There are many reasons why it is important for people to have basic computer skills. In today’s world, much of the business world is conducted online, and those who don’t know how to use computers and software are at a serious disadvantage. Additionally, as more and more information is shared and stored digitally, those who don’t know how to use computers may find themselves cut off from important resources.

A lack of employability skills is a major issue in Nigeria, and this issue starts with Basic Education, according to Abba Bello, CEO of NEXIM. He suggests preparing people for the workplace from a young age so that they have the skills that employers are looking for. Bello believes that Nigeria must start to focus on preparing its citizens for the workplace from a young age. He argues that this will provide them with the skills that employers are looking for, and help to address the issue of a lack of employability skills in the country. Bello’s suggestion is that, by preparing young people for the workplace from an early age, we can help to ensure that they have the skills that are required by employers.

Invest in the future of Nigeria by supporting our youth.

All Nigerian youth deserve an opportunity to build rewarding careers and internships are a good pathway to setting them on course to achieve this. By providing internships, businesses can give young Nigerians the chance to learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, and develop important professional networks. In turn, this can help them launch successful careers, which is essential for the continued Economic Growth and development of Nigeria. Internships can be especially beneficial for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may not have the same access to opportunities and resources as their peers. By offering internships, businesses can help level the playing field and give all Nigerian youth a fair chance to succeed. Businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to invest in the future of Nigeria by supporting our youth and providing them with the necessary skills to succeed.


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