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The planned Airport disruptions by NANS

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By Dawn

National Association of Nigerian Students will close airports seeking resolution.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has threatened to close airports if the current dispute between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government is not resolved soon. This is a serious matter that needs to be resolved quickly in order to prevent any further disruptions to the academic calendar. ASUU is demanding better working conditions and more funding for Nigeria’s universities, while the government is insisting that the current budget is sufficient. It is essential that both sides come to an agreement soon so that students can continue their studies without further interruption.

On Monday, Mr. Adegboye Olatunji, NANS Coordinator for the Southwest, announced in Abuja that he was protesting in solidarity with Gov. Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State at the All Progressive Congress (APC) Secretariat. He said that the NANS was protesting the recent increase in fuel prices and the overall cost of living in the country. He called on the government to reverse the fuel price increase and to provide more economic opportunities for the people of Nigeria.

The students were the ones that suffered the most.

It is time for both parties involved in the recent strike to come together and resolve the issues that led to the strike. Students were at the receiving end of this situation and deserve a resolution. The strike was caused by a disagreement between the two parties over the conditions of the contract. The main issues that led to the strike were the salary and the health benefits. The students were the ones who suffered the most because they were not able to attend classes. The strike also caused a lot of tension between the two parties.

Recently, the Association of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) has made it clear that they will not back down on their demands for more funding from the government. The government has responded by saying that they will take steps to block funding for ASUU if the issue is not resolved soon. It is clear that both sides are dug in, and it remains to be seen how this impasse will be resolved. ASUU is demanding more funding in order to improve the quality of education in Nigerian universities. The government has responded by saying that it will not increase funding for ASUU unless the organization agrees to a number of reforms. These reforms include measures to improve transparency and accountability within ASUU.

A group of students are behind these events.

Recent protests in the South West have been widely publicized and have brought attention to the issue at hand. Many believe that if the airports are grounded, the government will be forced to take action and resolve the strike. Although the disruption of travel plans may be seen as a negative thing, it is a necessary step in order to bring about change. By bringing attention to the issue and causing inconvenience, the protesters are hoping to push the government to finally take action on the matter.

Events surrounding the prosecution and disqualification of Governor Abiodun from running for office a second time are nothing more than a ruse that will not stand up to scrutiny. A large group of students is behind these events, and it is clear that their intention is to prevent the Governor from being re-elected. However, their actions are not likely to have the desired effect. Governor Abiodun has a strong track record of success, both in terms of his personal accomplishments and in terms of his ability to govern the state effectively. His prosecution and disqualification from running for office is not based on any valid legal or ethical grounds, and is therefore unlikely to stand up to scrutiny.

The government has so far been unwilling to listen.

From the time of the beginning of the ASUU struggle, we have been leading the charge in advocating for the federal government to listen to the organization’s demands. We have shut down most of the federal roads in south west Nigeria in order to bring attention to the cause. Our demands are simple: we want the government to invest more in education, and to provide better working conditions for professors and students alike. However, the government has so far been unwilling to listen to our demands. This is why we have taken to shutting down roads: to force the government to take notice of our plight. We will continue to fight until our demands are met.

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1 year ago

That’s a welcome development the youths can not be kept at home doing nothing because of issues between Asuu and the government where as all other economic activities are fully operational and leaders of tomorrow are suffering if grounding airlines Operation is the best ….they are good to go

1 year ago

This is a good initiative from them, the strike needs to end

1 year ago

Wonderful plan hope it works