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The Africa Teen Tech Festival (ATTF) 2023

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By Mercy Kelani

Young adults are guided through choosing career paths in tech.

Imperial EdTech, a leading Nigerian educational technology firm, in collaboration with EduFocal Group, has made an announcement on the Africa Teen Tech Festival’s first year. The African Teen Tech Festival is slated for May 11, 2023 at Landmark Event Centre, Lagos. It aims at inspiring and empowering the coming generation of tech leaders through facilitation of conversations on career trajectories in the tech sector and exposure of teenagers, professionals, and educators to the future of work and learning.

The Africa Teen Tech Festival 2023 will engage counseling sessions to assist young adults through navigation of the right courses and programmes to study as they identify career paths that support their skills and interests. Valuable insights will be provided by the panels on steps towards integration of technology into the classroom for enhancement of learning and engagement. A highlight of the event includes the Teen Star Start-Up Challenge for teenagers who possess innovative ideas to win investment in their ideas and cash prizes.

ATTF makes teenagers early adopters of technology.

Other special highlights includes the VR Learning Experience, e-Sports and Artificial Intelligence showcase, EduFocal Teach with Tech Challenge, and Drone Soccer Exhibition. There would also be an exhibition titled “Classroom of the Future”, which will visualize the picture of learning in the future. Teens, school owners, edtech companies, students, parents and government officials are the target audience for these events. The goal of these events is to encourage the young people to pursue tech careers, while providing them with knowledge and skills required to succeed.

CEO of Imperial Educational Technology Limited, a foremost edtech development company in the country aimed at democratization of education through development of technology infrastructure, Lanre Ogundipe, expressed the institute’s excitement to be the host of the first edition of the Africa Teen Tech Festival 2023. He stated that this event will ensure provision of a platform for teenagers to embrace early adoption of technology. It will also foster interaction with leaders and professional in the tech industry.

Technology is used to address infrastructural needs.

Imperial Educational Technologies support innovation in education, increment of school and students, technology adoption and enablement of sustainable EdTech policies. The tech institute ensures provision of innovative solution for schools, students, teachers and government organizations for enhancement of learning and promotion of innovation and academic excellence. The tech-hub provides distinctive professional experience that is focused on bridging the educational and technology gap in institution, corporate organization, and governmental bodies across Nigeria and the African continent.

Over the past decade, the tech institute has driven development of initiatives, projects, and products across diverse sectors through the use of technology as its major horizontal framework to enhance scale and efficiency in several aspects including education, finance, workforce development, health and digital literacy. It is committed to deploying the power of technology towards addressing the needs of infrastructure, while ensuring relevance and productivity through policy, funding, and social contexts in Nigeria and Africa.

Edtech bridges the gap in learning accessibility.

One of the key missions of the Imperial Education technology is to empower 250,000 students by the end of this year, 2023, through the provision of affordable technology for socially marginalized groups which includes rural communities, low income earners, young people, persons with disabilities, and children who are not permitted to have digital development opportunities. This is done to bridge the gap in learning accessibility. Currently, the tech organization works with tertiary institutions DFIs, NGOs, industries, institutions, K-12 schools, government and enterprises for the development of initiative centered on learning and technology infrastructure development.

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