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TETFund create new centres to advance science

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By Mercy Kelani

House of Rep to endorse innovative initiatives that stimulate Nigerian youth.

The House of Representatives has praised the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) for its role in encouraging creative research and creating new centres to advance science and technology education for Nigerian students and young people. During the weekend, Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, emphasized the Parliament’s commitment to endorsing innovative initiatives that stimulate the minds of Nigerian youth. This pledge was made during the closing ceremony of a two-week cohort learning program.

It included select Nigerian students, researchers, and academia, and was held at the Abuja Innov8 Hub. The event showcased the importance of programs like those supported by TETFund in nurturing creativity and innovation among the younger generation. The Research for Impact Initiative (R4i) is a joint project between TETFund and Innov8 Hub, aiming to ignite a wave of creativity, technology, and research in Nigeria in order to drive economic progress and holistic national advancement. Established in 2022, this program is set to bring about a transformational shift towards innovation and development within the country.

Innovation is no longer optional, but essential in this society.

In the modern world, the Deputy Speaker emphasized the importance of innovation as a vital tool for driving economic growth, addressing difficult problems, and creating a better future for young people and future generations. They highlighted that innovation is no longer optional, but essential in this fast-changing society. In Nigeria, innovation is of utmost importance due to the various challenges citizens are confronted with such as unemployment, poverty, security threats, and climate change. Advancement of sustainable development is possible.

However, it is imperative that they tap into the vast potential of the population, especially the innovative and entrepreneurial young individuals. Kalu noted that the Innov8 Hub by i-FAIR plays a crucial role in supporting innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Through mentorship, access to resources, and opportunities for collaboration, these programs enable individuals to turn their ideas into real-world solutions. The Deputy Speaker expressed gratitude for the collaboration between Nigeria and the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria, as well as the Israeli community.

Transforming public colleges into drivers of national revitalization.

He expressed his belief that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is destined to drive innovation in Nigeria for the betterment of the nation. He also mentioned his excitement about TETFund’s intentions to enhance the hub and offer the necessary resources for innovation. The Deputy Speaker proposed the creation of innovation hubs in the South East region of Nigeria to address the issues of insecurity and underdevelopment. This initiative is a key component of the Peace in the South East Project (PISE-P) aimed at improving the region’s security conditions.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for i-FAIR to explore the idea of setting up a facility in the southeast of Nigeria. This area, known for being a centre of manufacturing in the country, offers great opportunities for promoting creativity and business ventures. In a recent address, Arc. Sonny Echono, the Executive Secretary of TETFund, highlighted the program as a key component of the organization’s plan to transform public colleges and universities into drivers of national revitalization towards a knowledge-based economy and overall socio-economic progress.

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Innov8’s collaboration with TETFund to promote innovation in Nigeria’s higher education sector was acknowledged with gratitude. The firm’s role in offering technical expertise to bring participants’ ideas to fruition was praised for its commendable contribution to the innovation ecosystem. Key moments of the occasion consisted of giving out certificates to those who completed the 2-week training, showcasing collaborative projects developed during that time, and leading the Deputy Speaker on a tour of the facilities to showcase the variety of creative endeavours taking place at the hub.

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