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Technology will help alleviate unemployment

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By Abiodun Okunloye

It should be leveraged to achieve business success and growth - Hamzat.

While the world quickly adapts to new technological developments, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, has emphasized the importance of using technology to close the country’s large unemployment gap. At the 5th A.M. Agoro Entrepreneurship Lecture Series (AMAELS), with the theme “Leveraging technology for business success and growth,” held in Lagos on Saturday, he observed that Nigeria is a nation with a significant number of youths who are unemployed. The country needs to use it to its advantage to keep people working and sustain a thriving economy.

Represented at the meeting by Dr. Shakirudeen Onasanya, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC), he explained that its usefulness and efficiency are essential to the success of any commercial operations. Enhanced output, Improved outcomes as well as a societal contribution are essential, he added. Stressing the need to improve what they furnish to society. Dr. Hamzat pointed out that in order to increase capacity and production, they must make use of the many technologies available.

It can be employed to enhance all human endeavours.

Explaining further, he revealed that technology is not dependent on the information part of it only but that there are concerns with technology that is based on science as well as engineering. The use of technologies found in scientific research can improve both crop production and animal husbandry. One might also look at engineering, such as the problem of electrical, the problem of factorization in farming, or even the problem of solar energy, among other engineering problems.

The deputy governor asserts that the application of technology is necessary in order to accomplish the goal of sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development also refers to the various ways in which modern technology can be applied in the corporate world to achieve success on multiple fronts, including economic, social, and the environment. According to his concept, these are some of the issues they need to take advantage of when dealing with the problem of technology.

Technology must be viewed as revolutionary and not something terrible.

Chief Aderemi Makanjuola, chairman of the event and chairman of Caverton Helicopters Plc, noted that the topic of the talk was pertinent because of its impact on expanding business opportunities worldwide. Technology must be viewed as revolutionary, not something to be feared, because it contributes to a better world. The purpose of it is to make procedures easier and human potential higher. The more they can digitalize their operations, the greater their impact will be. Therefore, the country should utilize technological advancements in commercial settings.

More so, she urged the new government to see the importance of businesses, especially entrepreneurs, with the economic development of the states and nation and give necessary support regarding business training, grants and business opportunities. Bode Makanjuola, CEO of Caverton Offshore Support Group, further stated on behalf of Chief Makanjuola that the new administration creates opportunities for young people and small and medium businesses to grow and flourish. She added that today’s youth have clear goals and aspirations, but technological advancements are necessary to help them materialize them. The chairman advised the N200,000 grant recipients to prove the grant’s worth by expanding their enterprises.

New enterprises’ growth is the initiative driving force.

Lastly, the Chairman of AMAELS, Dr. Adrian Tokolo, revealed that the lecture series was established in honour of the late Agoro, who was hailed as a visionary and intelligent businessman. According to him, the event was a furtherance of Agoro’s work. And one of the things they do is host seminars similar to this one. They also provide digital training and mentorships for businesses, as well as financial aid. He added that the goal was to help firms, especially new ones, expand.

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