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Tech vital to growing event industry —Experts

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

Industry players acknowledge the potentials offered by technology.

Nigerian event industry actors and stakeholders have advocated for the utilization of technology to enhance the art of event business and expand the sector, which currently possesses a valuation of approximately $20 billion. This remarkable figure showcases the vast range of possibilities and prospects for expansion. To fully seize these opportunities, event planners need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field. Embracing advanced methods would enable event planners to fully exhibit their artistic skills.

More so, the players acknowledge the tremendous possibilities offered by technology and are keen on tapping into the sector’s potential. Attendees mentioned this during the 2023 BusyBee Event Business Summit in Lagos, delivered by Mr. Ibrahim Bashir, the Show Director of Experiential Planner Expo (EPEX) Dubai. The summit, with the theme ‘Tech in Event Business- The new narrative’, provided a platform for industry professionals to discuss and explore the evolving role of technology in the event business.

Technological progress fosters greater engagement.

Bashir’s remark emphasized the essential role of technology in the present and future, asserting that it is indispensable not only for individuals and businesses but also for the event industry. He also highlighted the world’s reliance on various technological elements. Technological progress has substantially reshaped the event industry, especially in terms of fostering greater engagement and interaction. It has also streamlined processes, improved communication, and enhanced attendee experiences. With technology, event planners have access to a wide range of tools and resources that streamline their tasks.

He asserted that technology revolutionizes the way delegates perceive events and how organizers shape gatherings. Utilizing technology, event planners can now interact with a larger audience, gathering real-time information like feedback through mobile applications and technological platforms. Bashir shared insights from his event organising experience, particularly in destination marketing, saying that data plays a pivotal role in driving the triumph of their exhibitions. He mentioned that by observing the audience’s conversations during show registrations, valuable insights can be gathered and leveraged to plan upcoming events.

Data is vital in providing guidance on tech advancements.

Group CEO of Wakanow, Mr. Bayo Adedeji, emphasized the significance of harnessing technology for business expansion. According to him, data plays a vital role in providing guidance on technological advancements, determining the necessary requirements for tech implementation and exploiting its potential to foster business growth. Data is the key to comprehension. With a thorough grasp of your customer’s desire, he said, you have the ability to develop whatever you want – ranging from an observatory, a tangible entity, a virtual space, or even numerical or binary representations. He added that the starting point is data and knowledge about customers, the market, and the people involved.

During the summit, Bisi Sotunde, the organiser, addressed the attendees, members of the Well Watered Garden Tribe (WWGT), expressing that their involvement paves the way for them into a harmonious community centered around cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. She emphasized that WWGT goes beyond being a mere network, serving as an inspiring example of the strength and progress that can be achieved through unity. Olamide Waltong, the CEO of Lamimoire Event located in Lagos and Abuja, expressed her admiration for the event, labeling it as both enlightening and motivational. She further pledged to maximally incorporate technology into her business operations.

Numerous other speakers were present at the event.

The summit convener was praised for her ability to inspire and include numerous individuals on her journey of growth. Several other notable speakers at the event were Chief Experience Officer, WOW Connect Services/TEPS, Tobi Olanihun; Senior Growth Associate, TIX. Africa, Arese Osakwe; Founder/CEO, Mirus Events, Kunmi Ariyo; Founder/CEO, Ife’ctiv Touch, Adeife Adeyemi; CEO Nwandos Signature Events, Maria Nwonu; CEO, Blurange Consult, David Odunlami; Head, Startups (Lagos Innovates) at LSETF, Hakeem Onasanya and Folake Rolake Abiola of 4La Story amongst others.

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2 months ago

Tech vital to growing event industry —Experts. – Industry players acknowledge the potentials offered by technology. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

In actuality, technology is required to expand the events sector. Technology will facilitate faster industry growth and the introduction of more creative concepts.Event planners should showcase their creative abilities to the fullest by using cutting-edge techniques.Advancements in technology have significantly transformed the event sector.

2 months ago

Embracing technology in Nigeria’s event industry is crucial for growth, as discussed at the 2023 BusyBee Event Business Summit. The emphasis on data and unity highlights the transformative power of technology in shaping successful events and fostering business expansion.

2 months ago

In order to fully realize technology’s enormous potential, promote participation, and improve experiences, the event sector must embrace it. The 2023 BusyBee Event Business Summit’s views underscore the significance of remaining up to current on trends for business growth.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

Absolutely! Technology plays a vital role in the growth of the event industry. The potential offered by technology is immense, and industry players are recognizing its value. With technological advancements, event organizers can enhance the attendee experience, streamline operations, and reach a broader audience. From event registration and ticketing platforms to event management software and virtual event solutions, technology enables seamless planning, execution, and engagement. It also opens up new possibilities for creativity and innovation in event design and delivery. Embracing technology in the event industry not only improves efficiency but also allows for greater customization and personalization, making events more enjoyable and memorable for attendees. It’s exciting to see how technology continues to shape and elevate the event industry, and I believe it will play a crucial role in its future growth.