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Tech to foster efficiency in Nigerian sectors

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By Mercy Kelani

Ensuring comprehensive connectivity to digital technology for all industries.

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, has introduced fresh avenues for technological implementation to enhance effectiveness in various industries within the nation. The Federal Government aims to address the crucial issue of ensuring comprehensive connectivity to digital technology for all schools, medical facilities, and government offices, and urges all stakeholders to actively contribute to this initiative. In this matter, the minister emphasized the need for Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd., National Information Technology Development Agency and the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to intensify their endeavours, so as to foster more efficiency.

He stated that a significant challenge for all parties involved is finding a way to establish a connection among all educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and governmental offices across the states. Being the third most popular hub for tech start ups in Africa, he emphasized the importance of Nigerian leaders enacting policies that foster a favourable environment for the tech ecosystem. By taking such actions, he believes that it would motivate innovators and businesspersons to actively participate in driving economic growth, tackling obstacles, boosting tax revenues, and attracting foreign investments.

Utilizing technology to bring about significant improvements.

In Nigeria’s economy, technology companies have made significant contributions, leading Tijani to express commendation. This statement was conveyed by Ekaete Umo, who holds the position of Head of Press and Public Relations in the ministry. According to him, the ministry’s involvement in this field should extend beyond merely collecting taxes from ICT or communication companies. It should focus on utilizing technology to bring about significant improvements in the lives of individuals, providing effective services in key sectors such as health, agriculture, and education.

Additionally, it should aim to enhance the productivity of the workforce to ensure overall growth and progress. The Minister highlighted the significant impact that some of the world’s largest tech companies have on Nigeria’s economy, acknowledging the country as a substantial market for them. These companies are instrumental in shaping and bolstering the nation’s economic landscape. He remarked that their involvement has played a key role in stimulating advancement, nurturing creativity, and generating job prospects within the nation, he added.

Nigeria takes immense pride in having a cluster of powerhouse companies.

Addressing the gathering at the 11th Regular Meeting of the National Council on Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy (NCCIDE) in Kano State was the minister. The focal point of his discourse was centred around the theme of Harnessing the potential of Digital Technology and Innovation to steer Nigeria’s Economic Growth and Development. Nigeria holds an esteemed status affirmed by the minister, as the nation boasting the highest abundance of skilled denizens across the African continent.

These proficient individuals have consistently propelled the Nigerian economy forward through their substantial input throughout time. Nigeria takes immense pride in having a cluster of powerhouse companies. Among them, MTN, the market leader on a global scale, holds a prominent position. Additionally, Airtel is recognized as the second largest player in the market. Notably, the country is also home to IHS, a significant conglomerate ranked fifth in terms of size. He expressed that these corporations have significantly contributed to the nation’s economic growth.

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The minister emphasized that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government is committed to empowering the younger generation with vital technical expertise in order to promote the generation of wealth, tackle criminal activities, and alleviate the widespread issue of poverty. Nigeria has been blessed with a plethora of natural resources and a steadily increasing population. These assets hold immense value and should be effectively utilized to bring prosperity to the country. It is crucial for all parties involved to work together in order to seamlessly merge individuals with digital technology, granting them access to a wide range of opportunities.

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28 days ago

Tech to foster efficiency in Nigerian sectors.Ensuring comprehensive connectivity to digital technology for all industries. – Express your point of view.

27 days ago

Technology to increase productivity in Nigerian industries. ensuring that all industries have complete access to digital technology.Making sure that all government offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions have complete access to digital technology is an urgent matter.

Adeoye Adegoke
27 days ago

Absolutely! Embracing technology to foster efficiency in Nigerian sectors is a fantastic idea. Ensuring comprehensive connectivity to digital technology for all industries can have a transformative impact on productivity, innovation, and economic growth. By leveraging technology, businesses can streamline their operations, improve communication, and access valuable data for informed decision-making. It’s exciting to see how technology is already making a difference in various sectors, from agriculture to healthcare and beyond. Continued investment in digital infrastructure and promoting digital literacy will be key to unlocking the full potential of technology in Nigeria. Let’s embrace the power of technology to drive efficiency and propel Nigeria towards a brighter future!

27 days ago

To guarantee general growth and advancement, it should seek to increase labor productivity. Discover how technology is already changing a number of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and more. It will be beneficial for the populace to keep investing in digital infrastructure. ICT focuses on using technology to achieve notable advancements.