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Tech firm unveils sunlight-to-water project

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By Abraham Adekunle

The project seeks to address water scarcity issues in Nigeria.

According to a United Nations report, about two billion people on earth live without safe drinking water or a basic level of water service in 2020. A number of global issues, such as climate change, population growth and poor water management, contribute to this, and the issue is projected to increase. This is the reason for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UN SDG-6) seeks to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for all, focusing on the sustainable management of water resources, wastewater and ecosystems, and acknowledging the importance of an enabling environment.

All these are essential for boosting economy and productivity while providing significant leverage for existing investments in health and education. By 2030, the UN is looking to solve this problem. The international organization is seeking to improve access to potable water in remote areas, especially in less developed countries. Nigeria comes into the narrative because there are many remote villages in the country whose residents have to trek for several kilometers to fetch clean water for use.

SO TECHAFRICA launches Sunlight to Clean Water Project in the country.

In what can be considered a breakthrough moment for sustainable technology, SO TECHAFRICA LTD, a leading innovative tech solutions firm, has unveiled its latest endeavor, which is the Sunlight to Clean Water Project, in Nigeria. This project seeks to tackle the prevalent water scarcity issues in Nigeria, especially in the rural areas, with the implementation of a pioneering solar pumping machine for enduring water solutions. The company had noted in a statement that countless communities in Nigeria still face the critical issue of water scarcity.

This initiative utilizes the power of solar energy to provide efficient and sustainable water-pumping solutions. This project was conceived as a solution to the urgent crisis. “The backbone of this project is an avant-garde solar pumping solution, crafted meticulously by SO TECHAFRICA LTD’s team of expert engineers and researchers,” the statement states. This ground-breaking technology uses high-tech solar panels to transform sunlight into electricity and drive the water-pumping mechanism. By stopping the reliance on conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels, the technology curbs operational expenses, reduces the environmental impact, and professes a dependable solution for water extraction and distribution.

Firm explicates on the features of the product.

Explaining its features, the firm said that the Sunlight to Clean Water Project shines with several key features, including its solar-powered efficiency, as the machine’s superior solar panels ensure optimal energy conversion, maximizing water output while diminishing operational costs and carbon emissions. Its flexible applications cater to a range of water extraction needs, from irrigation systems to livestock watering and community water supply. The integrated Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities offer remote monitoring and control of the pumping machine, guaranteeing efficient operation and timely upkeep.

Furthermore, the solar pumping machine, constructed with robust materials and advanced engineering, promises longevity, even in harsh environmental conditions. The firm said that the project will benefit underserved regions of Nigeria. These are the regions that are crying out for reliable access to clean water. “With an eco-friendly and sustainable solution, the project aims to enhance the quality of life for many, and as such, align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of clean water and sanitation for all,” the statement said.

CEO of SO TECHAFRICA says firm committed to tackling water scarcity.

Engr. Seton M. Senu, CEO of the company, has reiterated that the project is a part of their commitment to addressing Nigeria’s water scarcity challenges. Their aim is to empower communities in Nigeria with access to clean water, positively influencing their health, agriculture, and overall development using this innovative solar pumping machine. According to him, the firm is keenly exploring avenues for partnership with governmental organizations, non-profit bodies, and local communities to widen the project’s scope and effect enduring change in water-scarce regions of the country.

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